Top Places to Visit During Your Stay in Australia

Australia has enthralling scenery, as well as some of the best tourist attractions in the world. That aside, the country measures up in many other areas, including being equivalent to the state of New York in terms of population and having the same landmass as the U.S., even though it is the smallest continent in the world.

You have lots of places to choose from when you want to sightsee in the country. From diving the Great Barrier Reef to taking a walk in the multicultural cities, there are lots of places to visit. Also on the list are hiking in Australian tropical forests, immersing yourself in the rocky parts and deserts of National Casino Australia mainland. You may also want to hit the desert islands, which are ideal places to go on a safari.

Tourists have so much to say about the laid-back, friendly population that is ever-willing to contribute in different ways to make your stay enjoyable. Add that to the list of popular tourist attractions below and you will see why Australia is one of the best places to tour.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney opera

Mentioning the words “Sydney” and “Australia” in the same sentence casts the mind of the listener to the Sydney Opera House. Well, it is not everyone that can remember this architectural edifice that would later be recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Site as one of the popular architectural landmarks in the world.

The design for the site had been selected after a keenly-contested international competition. Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect won the first competition, but couldn’t continue with it because of financial and technical challenges. He would later leave Australia and never return – even to see his children. The structure of the site would later be completed with a budget ten times higher than the main budget. The completion year was 1973.

Sydney Opera House is bordered on the south by the Royal Botanic Gardens and is surrounded by water on the three sides.

Great Barrier Reef

The reef is one of the natural wonders in the world, thanks to the coastal mangrove forests, over 3,000 coral reefs with 300 different coral species, and 600 islands, including the beautiful Whitsunday Archipelago.

The purpose of building the reef was to protect wildlife. Here, you will find giant mollusks, 1,600 tropical fish, rays, sharks, dolphins, dugongs, and several types of soft and hard corals.

The coverage is also a wonder – spanning 2,300 kilometers along Queensland’s east coast of Australia, which is approximately the distance between Vancouver in Canada and Mexico.

You may also want to explore the reef from a boat with a transparent bottom or an underwater observation station. That is, of course, if you don’t want to get wet surfing the reef directly.

Blue Mountains National Park

This is another UNESCO Heritage Site and spans only 80 kilometers from Sydney, Australia. In just a day, you can see as much as you can at the park. Some of the tourist attractions are the 140 kilometers of hiking paths, 268,711 hectares of plant life, waterfalls, Aboriginal rock drawings, and stunning gorges.

In addition to the above are the Jamieson Valley and the “Three Sisters” sandstone rock formations. Tourists at the Blue Mountains National Park also engage in other worthwhile activities, including equestrian riding, hiking, mountain biking, and mountaineering. Don’t forget to visit the Katoomba Scenic Railway.

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