Lucky 15 and Yankee: multiplied risks and profits

In addition to the multiple combination bets mentioned above we have two other types that are worth getting to know. The first is the Lucky 15. Here you will make four predictions or guesses. These predictions will yield fifteen bets. There are six multiples of two, a single bet for each pick, a multiple of four and four multiples of three. For you to have a minimum win, though not a profit, you must get at least one of the picks right.

The combined multiple betting model known as Yankee is more complicated than Lucky 15 when it comes to winning. It will require you to take more risks, so be on your guard. You need to make four guesses or predictions. Eleven bets will be formed from these. Of these, six are multiples of two, one is a multiple of four and four are multiples of three. You need two correct picks to win something.

When are the multiple bets profitable?


One of the questions that most punters ask themselves is whether the multiple or cumulative bets are synonymous with profit or loss. Answering this question requires us to analyse a few issues. First you need to take into consideration the expected value of the bets, which is nothing more than the probability of winning or losing a bet. When making this calculation, it is necessary that your expected value is positive. In other words: there are more chances of profit.

It turns out that the profit on a single bet is lower compared to the profit of a multi bet. So yes, the accumulations are good ways for you to get a higher financial return than the one invested in bets. This is only possible, however, if you know how to measure very well the odds of getting the results of your bets right. Basically, it is more a matter of designing your strategy based on mathematics.

  • Multiple bets only give profit if the expected value of the bet is positive
  • Evaluate the odds of your guesses before opting for a multi bet

How to avoid losing with multiple bets


No bet is free from turning into a big loss. With the accumulated ones, the possibility of you breaking the bankroll in a negative sense is very high. As we explained to you, while the profits can be multiplied, so can the risks of financial losses. That is why it is important to think about the results before setting the multiple bets. They should only be made if you can mathematically measure a higher probability of winning.

In terms of sports betting, this can be very simple to do sometimes. When there are teams that are very disparate in terms of skill, for example, it is very easy to set the expected bet value. In such cases, there will be teams with a greater chance of winning than others. Therefore, place multiple bets, as the risks are more calculated. When the expected value of the bet is negative, however, do not bet, or place a single bet to avoid losses.

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