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Responsible Gaming

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Licensed, legitimate online casinos must adhere to regulatory rules and conditions, and one of these is player protection.

Poland’s leading online casinos promote responsible gambling and give you plenty of options when you notice that you have gambling problems. Therefore, you should know what the options are and how operators can help you mitigate your gambling habits.

Compliance with the safer gambling requirements of the licence means that the permitted online casino must comply with the safer gambling requirements. As part of the licence agreement, the casino must ensure the safety of its players. There are specific rules, set out by individual regulatory bodies, which the casino must comply with.

Listed below are just some of the stipulations that a casino must include in its offering.

Casinos that truly care about their customers further strengthen their fair gambling measures.

Transparency in marketing and advertising

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When offering players bonuses and promotions, online casinos need to be transparent about what the terms of the offer are and what the player needs to fulfill in order to receive their bonus.

Believe it or not, there are many fraudulent online casinos that promise one thing and deliver something completely different. Licensed online casinos cannot do this because they would be punished by the relevant regulatory authorities. These online casinos are 100% transparent when offering bonuses or promotions to players.

Legitimate online casinos will tell you the exact time frame, the dates of the “from to” promotional period during which your wagers will be eligible for the offer. They will tell you how much you need to deposit to have a chance of winning a prize in a tournament, or how much you need to wager to receive your bonus. They’ll tell you which bets don’t qualify, tell you which players can and can’t take part in the promotion and leave you in no doubt.

Prevention of underage gambling

Preventing underage gambling is one of the key roles of operators. They need to establish that you are of gambling age before they accept you as a customer on their sites. They must verify the documents you provide and only approve your account if you are of gambling age.

The best operators not only do this, but they also highlight the rule throughout their site. They tell you that underage gambling is a crime. You will see +18 or +21 icons on the homepage, depending on the country and jurisdiction on the site. You’ll see the rule repeatedly in the About Us section, in the Terms and Conditions, and on other pages such as the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Operators who are caught underage gambling may have their license revoked, so they do not want to take any chances and will never accept players who are under the legal age to gamble.

Fair and transparent terms and conditions of play

In their Terms and Conditions, a responsible online gambling site will tell you everything you need to know, everything you are getting into. You will be informed about where all your confidential information is, how well it is protected, whether it is shared with third parties or not, and similar details.

This site must keep you informed about everything that happens on the site. It needs to let you know about the requirements and conditions for bonuses and promotions, deposits and withdrawals, and any restrictions you need to know about. Therefore, this is where you need to find out all about wagering requirements, which games contribute to them and how to meet them, deposit and withdrawal limits, and all the things that may limit your access to things in your account in some way. Here you will also find out if certain games will not be available to you for regulatory or other reasons.

Here you will see if games are based on a Random Number Generator. An RNG is a device used in games that ensures fair and random game results, using an algorithm. The RNG must be checked and approved by respected third party auditors such as eCOGRA, TST or iTechLabs. Their seal of approval should be on the homepage, displayed directly next to the +18 or +21 icons.

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