Types of NFL Betting Offered

If you are looking for a bigger payout or more excitement than straight betting, try one of the following betting options offered on most NFL betting sites:

Parlays (Cumulative)

One of the most popular and riskiest NFL bets, Parlays combine the minimum of two bets into one, and multiple point spread or total bets can be placed. What makes this type of bet risky is the fact that the bettor must match all of the bets or lose everything.


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While similar to parlays in that all bets must be correct to win, teasers allow you to modify the point spread or totals line to lower the level of risk. Teasers usually start at six points and can go up to 15 points depending on the sports betting site.

Live Betting

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Live betting is becoming increasingly popular as most punters have a smartphone or are on their computer. NFL live betting is basically done play by play, you can place bets on each move and even try to predict the outcome of each play.


Prop bets (side bets) boil down to betting on an outcome that is not directly related to the final result of the game. Considered a ‘fun’ bet by many, prop bets can be placed on anything related to the game.


Futures are bets on season predictions for the team. The most common type of NFL future bet is to predict who will win the Super Bowl and Conference Finals. This type of bet is also placed on a player’s performance over the course of the season. In terms of NFL betting, one can bet on which player will win the league MVP award.

Basic Strategy And Tips

Use a reputable and reliable bookmaker. See above for some recommendations.

Take advantage of bonuses and rewards

Read the terms and conditions, as they may present some limitations, but still serve to help increase your balance.

Open accounts in several bookmakers. Having multiple accounts can greatly increase your profits and is the ideal way to find the best odds and lines.

Points Spread

The point spread is the most common type of NFL betting and gives a 50/50 chance of winning. The point spread ranges from 3 to 10 points and gives the essential advantage to the underdog team before the game even starts.

For example, if a game has a spread of 3.0 for the Cowboys and -3.0 for the Giants, it means that the Giants are the favorites in the matchup and the Cowboys are the 3-point underdog. In other words, the Cowboys received 3 points before the game even started. For those betting on the Giants, they will have to win by 3 points or more, and for Cowboys bettors to win, their team will have to win or lose by less than 3 points.


Also known as Over/Under. When betting on totals, the odds calculator generates a number based on your prediction of the outcome of the game. Specifically in NFL betting, these projected numbers can range from 30 to 50. To bet on totals you must predict whether the total number of points in a game will be above or below the number selected by the odds calculator.

For example, if an odds calculator projected the Ravens vs. Steelers game total to be 40.5, over bettors would need the total number of points to be 41 or more to win and under bettors would need the total to be 40 or less.

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