WestClub & Embark Annual Holiday


Due for a break? Need to get away? Have a bit of a cash flow problem? No worries! WestClub and Embark Cottage can help…

westclub annual holiday hut

Malcolm Horsfall, manager at WestClub, was good enough to explain the details of their yearly trip. This time, they spent four glorious days at Batemans Bay.

“We’ve organised an annual holiday for members six years in a row now (this is the seventh, I think). We allow the members to pay it off during the year, and we’re pretty flexible with their payment plans. Funnily enough, on the same day we got back from last year’s trip, one member immediately made his down-payment on the following year’s holiday! It shows that even on a very low income, you can still put money aside and save up for big things. “We’re also very proud of how the members help one another. For example, we have a lady with a physical disability who thought she might not be able to go on the holiday. The other members decided that they’d provide whatever support she needed to be able to join in.”

The members from the Hawkesbury, Blacktown and Penrith all had a great time watching whales and seals, gold panning, and being entertained by the antics of the animals at Mogo Zoo. Narelle Robertson from Embark Cottage provided us with a few happy snaps from Batemans Bay.

westclub annual holiday king of beasts at Mogo


westclub annual holiday meerkat experience

And let’s not forget the unforgettable Meerkat Experience! That episode alone would have made the whole trip worthwhile!

Narelle agrees that the practice of having annual holidays for members like this should be more wide spread. Why not organise one…if you dare?



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