Young People’s Program: Freestyle from Brumby House

by Warren Heggarty

boxing.jpgABOVE: Brumby House resident Joel in training PHOTO BY NEIL FENELON

It was RUOK day and Joel who accesses Flourish Australia’s Young People’s Program at Emu Plains was making a debut as a rapper in the main street of St Marys. It featured on Flourish Australia’s Facebook page at the time. His rap was, of course, right on message. Having experienced mental health issues himself, Joel knows the importance of spruiking, or rather rapping for the cause. 

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My recovery story


By Joel 

My name is Joel and this is my recovery story. After completing my Higher School Certificate at the age of 17 in 2012, I pretty much spent the next six months playing Xbox with my friends. Around the time I turned 18 one of my mates encouraged me to smoke some marijuana with him. While I’d never done this before, I loved how pot made me feel, so when the opportunity came to have some more a month or so later, I immediately said yes. This quickly became an everyday routine, even though at times it made me feel terrible. I continued to smoke pot anyway, and I soon built up a tolerance. 

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“Rising Above It All” by Lesley-Anne


Lesley-Anne (ABOVE) is the resident poet of Flourish Australia’s Goulburn service 

No ifs or buts, 

You’re not going nuts, 

So get out of that rut, 

And tell the world what you’re about… 

Don’t be a number in a file, 

Create a life that’s worthwhile, 

One that leaves you with a smile… 

Be busy, 

But not to the extent, 

That you get too dizzy… 

Get some inspiration, 

That will enrich your motivation, 

Then you can enjoy your recreation… 

Follow the sun, 

Go for a run, 

And have some fun… 

Keeping Important Documents

ACTION: Adapting CANSAS to Individuals’ Own Needs                                                 Recovery Conversation Theme #1: Housing and Home 


By Warren Heggarty 

We recently heard a story about how two people went in search of the will from a recently deceased family member. This late family member had been very fastidious and insisted on keeping EVERY bill and every important letter that had come to the house since the 1960s. That included everything from the deeds of the family home to a pile of Television rental accounts! They ended up finding the Will all right –not to mention a few other important documents- but they had had to make a day of it! When the dust (literally) settled, there was quite a bit of paperwork to be recycled. 

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Food that KEEPS: Saving your money, saving your health, saving the planet

ACTION: Adapting CANSAS to Individuals’ Own Needs                                                 Recovery Conversation Theme #2: Meals and Shopping 

By Grant J Everett 


Eating healthy can often mean eating cheaply. Cutting down on unhealthy, calorie-rich junk, fatty meats and sweetened dairy while increasing your fresh vegetable and fresh fruit intake is a great way to reduce your grocery bills while doing your body a favour. 

One drawback to healthy, fresh, natural foodstuffs that aren’t loaded with the salt, fat and sugar of garbage snacks is that they tend to have a much shorter use-by date. So while eating right is usually associated with making more frequent trips to the supermarket, you can keep a variety of healthy food for quite a bit of time if you store them under the right conditions. 

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Morgan, Marcy, Melanie and Marla reveal one rule to clean them all!

ACTION: Adapting CANSAS to Individuals’ Own Needs                                         Recovery Conversation Theme #3 Looking After The Home

By Warren Heggarty 


There are a gazillion expert homemakers on the net who can give you lists of 5, 10, 20 or even 27 rules on how to keep your place clean and tidy. But surely there is a Mum or Dad blogger out there who can achieve it all with only ONE rule to make it simple for us? 

Panorama found two such domestic geniuses: Marcy and Morgan. Here are their secrets… 

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Are diet soft drinks really a better option?

ACTION: Adapting CANSAS to Individuals’ Own Needs                                                 Recovery Conversation Theme #4: Looking After Myself 


by Grant J Everett 

Did you know “soft” drinks originally got their name by being seen as a safe alternative to alcohol (“hard” drinks)? Another fun fact is that many early soft drinks were sold for medicinal purposes in the 19th Century, with Coca Cola marketed as a brain and nerve tonic that was claimed to be able to increase your intelligence (K Eschner, 2017). 

We’re now well past the point of pretending that soft drinks are good for you in any way. First off, unless you’re drinking a Light or Diet variety, soft drinks contain massive amounts of refined sugar and empty calories. They have zero nutritional value, which means drinking them will only take up space in your stomach that would be better allocated to a more worthwhile drink/meal/snack. 

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