About the organisation

Panorama is the quarterly magazine of the not-for-profit non-government organisation Flourish Australia. Flourish Australia works tirelessly in Australian communities to help people during their mental health recovery journeys. We are a new organisation, but one that is built on decades of experience, the result of two well-known and respected organisations – Richmond Fellowship NSW and PRA – merging in 2012 in order to provide more choice and services across NSW and South-East Queensland. United, we are dedicated to helping people with mental health issues to become an active part of their community.


Helping people

We are recovery-focused with people situated at the heart of everything we do. We help people to build on their strengths and focus on the possibilities of their journey.

Offering choice

Choice is important, so we always support people on an individual basis. Whether it involves helping them to find a home to live in, a job they enjoy, assisting them to find friends in their local area, having worthwhile things to do in their spare time or making other new connections, the help we offer is tailored to each individual. Please call us if you think that you or a loved one could benefit from our assistance.

Also assisting families and carers

Family members and carers can contact us directly if they want to access information about our services, to request support and respite, as well as helpful connections to other people and groups in their local community.

Phone us on 1300 779 270, or visit our website by clicking here

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