The Sun-Herald Westpac City to Surf dream becomes magical reality!

City-to-Surf-Sydney--1024x683.jpgABOVE: “We…were met with a crowd of approximately 90,000 people,” says Justin who followed in the hallowed footsteps of Steve Moneghetti and Rob De Castella from Sydney to Bondi via Heartbreak Hill. 

Justin was one of a team of three from Flourish Australia’s Goulburn service who took part in the great race in 2018. He was happy to share his story with Panorama. 

By Justin from Goulburn  

I want to tell you how taking advantage of an opportunity benefited me. 

As a teenager I had always wanted to participate in the Sun Herald Westpac City to Surf, a 14 kilometre hike. 

So when I was asked at age 44 what I wanted to achieve, I thought of the City to Surf.

It was just a dream at the time, but now it has become a reality.

The first step was to build my endurance. I did this by using the gym twice per week and incorporating lots of walking and trying to maintain a good diet. 

With nine weeks to go it was registration time and before I knew it, the big day was upon us!

It was an early start and we needed to dress to the conditions.

We rode the train from Campbelltown to Sydney station and were met with a crowd of approximately 90,000 people. 

We put on our entry bibs and waited for the starter’s pistol. 

People everywhere! My senses were alive with adrenaline! It was just so magical to see so many people doing the same thing and having fun. 

We started at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, just left of Centrepoint Tower, past the beautiful views of the Harbour, the pristine waters of Neutral Bay, the grandeur of Rose Bay, then HEARTBREAK HILL and out through and past the heads and to Bondi Beach, some three and three quarter hours later we finished around the 60,300th mark. 

I was totally exhausted, almost crippled. 

Knowing I accomplished something I always wanted to do kept me going. This was my first time, so I didn’t know what to expect, but having completed it, I’ll be ready for it next time. 

So thank you for reading my story, and thank you to the Sun Herald Westpac City to Surf!

Thanks to Rebecca Smith 

Flourish Australia Goulburn, Shop 1, 42-44 Clinton Street


1300 779 270

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