Wisdom from Wall Street

David Mattson, the CEO and President of Sandler Training, bestselling author of numerous books about Wall Street, business and how to become a great salesperson, had a lot to share about the benefits of working as a team. Here are a few excerpts from his 6 Benefits of Teamwork in the Workplace

Creativity can really thrive when people work as a team. Brainstorming ideas from several unique perspectives can create some really effective solutions.

Teams rely on the individual talents of the members in order to create something even greater than the sum of their parts. Combining your gifts will make you a stronger team. Working together lets employees build on their collective talents.

Teamwork maximises the whole team’s knowledge, and will help you learn new skills for the rest of your career.

Collaborating on a project can spur new enthusiasm for a stale task, and sharing your own discoveries of the project can stimulate both individual and team knowledge.

Teamwork establishes trust between co-workers, and this feeling of safety helps employees to open up and encourage each other even once the team project has run its course. Open communication is key for group projects.

When conflict arises within a team, employees need to be able to resolve these issues internally. Conflict resolution is a skill that comes in handy.

Employees who connect with their workplace and feel as though they are contributing to the bigger picture are more likely to stay.

Sharing success as a team is a bonding experience that will assist with future brainstorming sessions. 




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