MUSIC REVIEW Jeff Tooth: Running Folk

Jeff Tooth Nancy Mattos and Christian Ravello.jpg

ABOVE: From L-R, Christian Ravello and Nancy Mattos from A Sound Life with Jeff Tooth performingat Buckingham House recently. PHOTO BY GRANT J EVERETT

Review by Warren Heggarty

As a person with lived experience of mental health issues and a long time supporter of Flourish Australia’s Buckingham House, Jeff recently emerged from his spiritual home of Campbelltown to perform some new songs at his old stamping ground.

Last year, 2018 was a tough one for multi-instrumentalist Jeff. ‘Happy to say I’m far better these days,’ he now tells us. He has even recorded another new CD: RUNNING FOLK. It was only a matter of time before Jeff combined two of his favourite things, music and running.

Panorama readers may recall Jeff’s ultra-marathonic exploits which we have reported over the years. Well, now they can sing along with them! And there is even a song about Jeff’s hero Pat Farmer, the distance runner and former member of Federal Parliament!

‘Five Marathons in Five Days’ tells of Jeffs gruelling progress through ‘the wall’ towards the great achievement of ‘five in five.’ The Sri Chinmoy 24 Hour Race tells what it is really like to ‘run all day and run all night.’ For those who like their races a little less gruelling (?) the good old City To Surf gets a song too!

Readers who are interested in purchasing this or any other Jeff Tooth opus can contact Panorama!

Running Folk.jpg

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