A Curious Clowder of Calm at the Charming Cat Cafe

60402098_1318408588323648_6703795138411364352_nABOVE: Catmosphere offers a 50% discount to all Companion Card holders. Be sure to let them know when booking your cat experience. PHOTO BY GRANT J EVERETT

by Grant J Everett

We’ve covered how pets can be highly therapeutic if you are injured or unwell. But not all of us can own one. Our housing situation might not allow it, or the ongoing costs of food, pet care products and vet bills might be too much. Or you might (understandably) be hesitant about making a decade-plus commitment lightly. So what can you do if you want some pet therapy?

Catmosphere Cat Café is located at Surry Hills, and it allows you to hang out with felines over a hot or cold drink (the drink is for you, not the cats). They offer four different experiences: you can choose the Kitten Playroom or the Cat Lounge, watch a movie at Catflix Cinema, or do some Cat Yoga (yes, really).

The kittens range from eight weeks to one year old, and are all playful, cuddly, and mischievous. There are two clowders of kittens on rotation to ensure they all have adequate naps. On the other paw, adult cats are generally calmer and more peaceful than their kitten counterparts, and provide a more relaxing experience.

The Catflix Cat Cinema experience allows you to spend quality time with some cats while enjoying a recent film on a ten-foot screen. Check out their movie schedule, book a time, and kick back on a plush floor lounge recliner with a cat.

A Cat Yoga session provides all the benefits of yoga – improving your balance and breathing, fighting off depression, easing chronic pain, and so on – with all the calming, mood-boosting effects of being around 10 cats. You’ll get a cat instructor to guide you through the class.

Entry into the Kitten Playroom is $24, the Cat Lounge is $22, Catflix Cinema is $38.50, and Cat Yoga is $30. A hot or cold drink is included in the price.

“If there’s one thing we know from experience (and that studies actually prove), it’s that just being around a cat in a calm space is one of the most therapeutic things you can find, with amazing health benefits (relieving stress and reducing depression, among others).”

– Catmosphere Cat Café website

About the Catmosphere crew

Catmosphere is owned and run by two guys who are passionate about the welfare, rescue and rehoming of all cats. The café partners with the World League for Protection of Animals and Kitten University. The League finds homes for displaced cats, while KU specialises in nursing and rehoming young, orphaned kittens.

About the feline residents

Most of the cats were either surrendered, found on the streets, or orphaned at a young age. They are all vet-checked and vet-approved and are good with strangers. Catmosphere fosters these displaced cats and provides for all their needs. Some of the cats are even available to adopt if you have room in your home (and your heart) for them.

Everything you need to know is explained when you make a booking. For the health and wellbeing of the cats, visitors should stay low to the floor and be calm and gentle. Cats appreciate a soft, quiet approach, and will often respond in kind. If a cat is feeling social, they’ll come and sit with you. They might even climb all over you and give you soft little headbutts. They’re always open to a gentle pat. There’s a wide variety of personalities, and each cat has different motivators when it comes to affection and play.

Catmosphere Cat Cafe

66 Foveaux Street

Surry Hills NSW 2560


(02) 8098 0741
Opening hours

Monday 10am – 6pm

Wednesday to Sunday: 10am – 8.30pm

Closed every day between 3pm – 4pm and closed on Tuesdays


60472820_1318408604990313_1994085089977303040_n.jpgABOVE: Actual footage of Linda from Figtree Conference Centre officially becoming a cat person PHOTO BY GRANT J EVERETT



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