Welcome Here!

ABOVE (clockwise from top left): Head Office at Sydney Olympic Park, Marrickville, Newcastle and Headspace Broken hill are just a few of the locations who have joined the Welcome Here Project.

ACON’s “Welcome Here Project” was created to support businesses and organisations throughout NSW in declaring that their locations are safe and welcoming spaces for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) community. As this fits perfectly with our own vision of a fully inclusive community, over the span of 2018 Flourish Australia became an active participant in the Welcome Here Project. 

It’s all pretty simple: when one of our locations confirms with ACON that we want to be involved, that location is provided with a nifty rainbow sticker declaring that the LGBTIQ community is Welcome Here. Every time another one of our branches puts up one of these stickers, we’re sure to crow about it on Facebook. 

To date, teams at Moree, Marrickville, Newcastle, Head Office at Sydney Olympic Park, Warana and Headspace at Broken Hill have all proudly joined the Welcome Here Project, and there will certainly be more to come! 

For more information, or to register your business or organisation as a member, head to… 


#FollowTheRainbow #ACONWelcomeHere #headspace #youth #wellbeing #lgbtiq 



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