Prestige Pets: Hay Bunny!

By Mel the Bunny Mother

Bunny.jpgABOVE: Sophia the rabbit is a queen, I mean a keen, nibbler, and goes into trance-like states when stroked in the correct manner. PHOTOS BY MEL THE BUNNY MOTHER

Sophia is my Baby. Sophia is a cute little dwarf bunny. She’s very small. I fought for custody over her with my sister and I won. Now I’m never going to give her up.

Sophia is a very spoilt bunny. She has the best cage. She has the best food. She has the best hay. She has the best toys. 

I like giving her the best. I want her to be happy and well looked after.

Whilst she’s definitely cute and cuddly she can be naughty.

She loves to chew electrical cords.

I had a brand new $120.00 Christmas tree with inbuilt lights. I was so proud of my Christmas tree. 

Then just before Christmas I found that the lights didn’t work. Sophia had been running free in the house for two hours before that. She already had a big habit of chewing electrical cords. Yes there had been some serious chord fraying going on behind my TV set, until she learned the out of bounds rule in our household. Whenever she strays out of bounds I say sternly: “SOPHIA!”

And she goes away. It is a wonder my TV still works though! 

So on this occasion I  was devastated to find that Sophia the bunny had chewed through the Christmas tree’s electrical cable. Dad said it was lucky that it didn’t start a fire, but it was switched off at the time. I never let Sophia play unsupervised where she could come to any harm. Never. 

My friend Kris, who has a HUMAN baby suggested that to prevent this sort of thing in future I ought to get a PLAYPEN. But I am sure Sophia would either a) jump out of it or b) chew her way out. 

Eventually I was able to purchase some cordless, battery powered Christmas lights. A King Charles spaniel I know actually got a collar of battery powered Christmas lights to wear round his neck, and that worked out OK too. There is a solution to every pet problem!

Sophia is very clever for a rabbit. She learns my tactics and tricks for capturing her and putting her back in her cage. So I have to keep developing new strategies. 

She gives the best cuddles. She loves it when you stroke her head. She goes into this little rabbit trance when you do that. 

The downside is hay. I find bits of hay all around the house. I found some hay in my bed the other night and Sophia isn’t even allowed to go upstairs to the bedrooms! But she’s worth it.  

Sophia in cage 1.jpg


Rabbits need lots of care and lots of handling and attention, more than a puppy dog they say, and that means they cost a lot in terms of your time and your money. They need commitment!

  • Rabbits need lots of clean hay
  • Rabbits need lots of clean water
  • Rabbits need lots of toys to gnaw because their teeth keep growing and they need to keep gnawing things. 
  • Keep your electrical cords etc out of the way. 
  • A bored rabbit is a menace.

The following video is a good summary of how to look after a bunny. There are many such videos and there are lots of differing opinions about the finer points. So if in doubt, ask an expert, namely a vet. “Rabbit dos and don’ts” posted by Mickey and Friends on 9 July 2016

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