My Scanner Has Become My Best Buddy!

By Tricia H


ABOVE: Tricia hard at work at Marrickville PHOTO BY GRANT J EVERETT

When we first met Tricia, she was splitting her time between being a receptionist at Flourish Australia’s Head Office and volunteering with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and a nursing home. Since then, Tricia has moved on from Head Office. And while everyone was sad to see her go, it wasn’t long before Tricia started a new, exciting job at Flourish Australia’s Marrickville service. She told Panorama magazine all about this new chapter of her career – Editor

I work in the Scanning Room at Marrickville as part of a team with Michael and Adam. My job is to scan documents into the system, and this involves tasks like keeping a record of my work and making sure the equipment is used safely. There’s always something to keep me busy, but I enjoy my job so much that I don’t mind. My scanner has become my best buddy! 

My time with Flourish Australia has taught me many valuable skills that will be very useful in the future. I learned a fantastic amount at Sydney Olympic Park with June (receptionist) and Julie (Administration manager), and I’ve already picked up a thing or two at Marrickville, too.

“Anything that gets you out of bed and out of the house is very important.”

For instance, when I’m scanning I know there can’t be any metal items like staples or paper clips in the documents, as they can wreck the machine. Sometimes I might find one or two staples hidden deep within a pile of paper, so I need to be very careful. Some of those documents are an inch thick, so that’s a lot to separate and check. I also have to account for every item I scan into the system by labeling them to confirm they’ve been uploaded. 

I got this new job through word-of-mouth. Around the time I finished at Sydney Olympic Park, I learned there was an opening at Marrickville. As this is quite far from where I live – about an hour and a half each way – the main question was whether I was willing to travel so far. I decided it was worth it, so I’m up at 5 o’clock so I can get to work by 7:30. I’m currently working Wednesdays and Fridays, but hopefully I’ll increase my days at some point. At the moment, I’m fine with two. I’m still doing one day a week at the nursing home, where I play the piano for the elderly residents, which I’ve been doing for two and a half years now.

This new job has been a great opportunity to meet people, and some of the new friends I’ve met include Warwick, Robert, Bao the supervisor and Lisa in the top office, and I’m gradually getting to know all the other members of the team, too. The ten o’clock morning tea upstairs is a good chance to socialise over a coffee and a biscuit. 

While I love my job, it’s possible that I might change fields again at some point. I was a music teacher for 25 years, which is a really long time, so I could go back to that. I taught my first three students – the daughters of one of my mum’s colleagues – at the age of 15. My mum was a teacher, too, but she’s retired now. 

I really enjoy working here. Everyone is super encouraging and supportive, and I’m very grateful for that. I cannot believe that this is my sixth week here already. Time has just flown. 

“I got this new job through word-of-mouth.”

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