MONEYRAMA Decluttering for Dollars

By Grant J Everett

money computer.jpg

Recently decluttered your spare room and want to make a few dollars from the goods you unearthed? You have two options: sell your goods face-to-face, or over a distance. The ADVANTAGES of selling face-to-face include not having to worry about calculating postage, and if an item is difficult to transport you can specify that it is available by pickup only. The DISADVANTAGE of selling face-to- face instead of over a distance is you will have access to a smaller customer base. Whichever method you choose, you don’t need to be an expert to flog off a few chairs and an unused fondue set.

Here are some of your selling options.


Paper-based Classifieds have been around for a long time and they still work, but they’ve also moved with the times by going online. Online Classifieds like Gumtree, the Trading Post website and Craigslist are very popular ways to sell second-hand goods. While it’s often free to list cheaper items on Classifieds websites depending on their price and other factors, if you want your ad to be more visible, you’ll need to pay.

Garage sales

You know how it works: set up some tables on your lawn, put up some signs, and don’t forget to advertise it online. Gazza’s Garage Sales website, for instance, has plenty of great advice on the subject, as well as resources.


If inviting random strangers to your living room doesn’t appeal, renting a market stall is a good alternative. Local Classifieds can tell you everything you need to know about the market scene. It might be worth seeing if there are specialised markets for your goods, such as the My Kids Market NSW for selling second-hand children’s clothes. The downside is you need to transport the goods yourself and have to pay a fee for a stall, and you might end up having to take it all back home.

Local second-hand dealers

Traditionally, pawn shops might be a quick way to sell something, but they will often pay a lot less than the other methods in this article.

Need to figure out how much postage will cost based on destination, weight and dimensions? Check out the “Calculate Postage” button on the Auspost website for an exact price. Keep in mind that overseas postage can cost way more than domestic!


“eBay” is synonymous with selling sec- ond hand stuff online, and your potential customer base is truly massive. However, make sure you understand all the fees and charges that are involved. Use good photos, write a clear description of your item, and put your goods under the cor- rect category so people can find them.

If you’re selling multiple items, offer combined postage.


Facebook can be used for more than sharing pics of Grumpy Cat. It can be a good way to sell your unwanted gear, either through an existing market page or by making and promoting your own page.

Online booksellers

You can sell books on websites like Amazon and Fishpond either one book at a time, setting a price for each item, or asking the website to sell a big box of them on your behalf. The latter option is easier, but not as profitable. There aren’t any fees for listing your books, but be sure you understand how the charges and commission system works before signing up.

Specialty websites

You can sell goods through many special- ised second hand websites like Co-Op for TAFE textbooks, Stillwhite for wedding dresses, Cars Guide for vehicles, or Etsy for arts and crafts.



“10 ways to sell your stuff and make extra cash”, Melissa Goodwin

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