Heart attack part 2: The Chairman counts his blessings

by Ken Hua, aka The Chairman and Chief Administrator of Country Cottage 

beach funny.jpgABOVE: Julie and Johnny nearly lost their grandpa, but fortunately The Chairman survived to count his blessings. PHOTO COURTESY 0F KEN HUA

As you might recall from our December 2018 issue, The Chairman (Ken Hua) had a heart attack. Hovering between life and death gave Ken the opportunity to reflect and put his anxiety and depression into perspective. He continues his story… 

The life saving surgery by Professor Leung took nearly two hours to complete. As he awoke afterwards our Chairman saw that both the Lady of the House and his son the Diamond Boy were there wearing a big smile, standing next to our Chairman’s bed. Soon, it became an international event as they were joined by many other visitors via WEBCHAT including Platinum Boy (from Switzerland), Platinum Girl and the grandchildren Julie and Johnny (from Ireland).

Our Chairman looked calm and relaxed, as one often does after anaesthetic, and he wore a big sweet smile and told them he was happy that he had had the operation.

“Good day, Grandpa!” said Julia and her younger brother Johnny and their Mummy from Ireland. “You look great, Grandpa!” 

“My dear Julie & Johnny, please come closer to the camera, so that I can have a good look at my two gorgeous grandkids. I have been missing you guys!” 

“Grandpa, just take it easy and relax so that you will recover from your sickness quicker.” 

“Okay, Julie & Johnny, but let me ask you something. How was your kindergarten going?” 

“Grandpa, very good! I came second in the mid term exam and Johnny came third.” 

“Julie & Johnny! Both of you are just great! It is nice to talk with all you guys. Thanks to the new technology nowadays, keeping in touch with our loved ones is at your fingertips even living thousands and thousand miles from each other. May God bless our family!“ 

Now that the Chairman was recovering, the Lady of the House thought about all the times that The Chairman has spent in a state of severe depression, worrying for nothing. Maybe this real emergency would enable him to count his blessings. 

She said, “Our three children and I have told you millions of times but you never listen to us! Now that you have escaped this heart attack with your life, we hope you will be able to count your blessings! From now on, we would like to see you become resilient like Uncle Toby!” 

“Madam, I am terribly sorry that I haven’t been counting my blessings like Uncle Toby, you, and our three children! I promise from now on, I will improve and always try to think positively like you guys so that I can enjoy life more. I can see there is light at the end of the tunnel!” 

Uncle Toby came to visit soon after, armed with a bunch of roses from ALDI. 

“Listen, Mr Chairman, you are not to keep getting sick all the time. I have brought my two grandchildren to cheer you up too. Look at me, I am 88 and I haven’t been to the hospital in my entire life! Look at you! You are only 75 and it seems to me that hospital is your second home! Ha ha ha, excuse me, Kenny, I am only joking to cheer you up. Listen Kenny, after you are discharged from the hospital, I would like to invite you to be guest of honour for a few weeks. I will conduct a special training course to train you to become an optimistic and happy person like me, so that you will not visit the hospital so often.” 

“Uncle Toby, you are really my good mate. Thank you so much for the offer. I think after the training, I will become a strong-minded and happy person like you. Thank you so kindly for your visit today and your visit means a lot to me. I promise that from now on, I must think positively, be strong-minded and play golf with you!” 

“That’s the boy, Kenny! One of five people around the world experiences some sort of mental health issue and some of them are more complicated than your case however they still carry on with their lives. They have to accept what they are and you too, you have to face it and fight against it. Kenny, don’t give in! She’ll be right!” 

“Professor Leung, can I ask you a question?” said the Chairman. “Will there be any risk and…am I going to be okay, Sir?” 


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