Young People’s Formal Project

YCLASS.jpgABOVE: Elizabeth Harlow looks on as Tyler, Peer Worker for the YCLSS Western Sydney team, addresses the Mental Health Month business breakfast. PHOTO NEIL FENELON

It is a common thing for young adults to miss out on important life events, things that mark our passage through life’s stages. Things like getting a drivers’ licence, going on your first date, graduating from Univeristy or TAFE, your 21st birthday… these things can be postponed by mental health issues arising at the same time. 

Tyler, who accesses Flourish Australia’s YCLSS (Youth Community Liaison Support Service) at Penrith, NSW, spoke to this issue at the Mental Health Month Business Breakfast. 

Elizabeth Harlow, the Manager for YCLSS in Western Sydney, told the breakfast that one of the most common things missed is the High School Formal. The Formal has big significance and it is an essential coming of age celebration for many. One of the benefits of the breakfast was raising of $1,045 towards the project which will see people who missed out on their Formals get another chance.

The Formal is a joint project project between the Flourish Australia youth teams (YCLLs, YPOP and Brumby House).

Panorama hopes to be able to bring you more details about the formal in future issues. 

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