Showcase your town in the 2018-19 Recovery Forum Series

ABOVE: At the Armidale forum in August. (Clockwise from top left) Lisa, Julia and Karen; Steve, Daniel and Isaac; Aaron and Jason  PHOTOS BY PETER FARRUGIA

By Peter Farrugia

Meeting new people and hearing their stories is what I love about the Recovery Forum. It is a real honour to share those experiences with people. 

The 2018/19 Flourish LIVE Recovery Forum brings people who access Flourish Australia services together to celebrate the best parts of their recovery. This year’s program contains fresh, innovative content that will support people to think, share, inspire and grow.

Attendance at the one-day forums is free and is always an enjoyable experience participants. It includes a fun art activity; reflective practice on people’s experiences of their local Flourish Australia service; an interesting trivia challenge to test people’s knowledge of world trends and happenings; an open forum for discussion and dialogue; and of course, a free healthy lunch.

The Flourish LIVE Recovery Forum promises to be the best yet. As Flourish Australia’s Manager Peer Workforce, I am by taking the forum to as many rural and regional locations as possible. Making it a local gathering by bringing the forum to the people increases accessibility and convenience. People have the opportunity to showcase their town and extend local hospitality. 

As an added attraction, we are inviting local Community Advisory Council Representatives to co-present the forum. This is a terrific way of showcasing their role and responsibility to the local community. Representatives will be supported to participate even if they have no prior experience. 

Flourish Australia’s Community Advisory Council is a group of people who access Flourish Australia services from across New South Wales and South East Queensland, who act as representatives and provide advice and information to Flourish Australia on a range of matters. These are very important roles with very influential responsibilities. We’ll make it as easy as possible for representatives to develop skills and achieve great outcomes, I look forward to working closely with them.

The 2018/19 forum series officially commenced in Armidale in August. Flourish Australia Armidale’s Acting Manager Tanya Hague was very pleased with the turnout. “We had a great response from locals and were joined by visitors from Flourish Australia’s Tamworth and Inverell services. It speaks to the quality of the forum and to people’s commitment to their personal recovery” added Tanya.

If you would like to know more, contact Peter Farrugia, Manager Peer Workforce via or (02) 9393-9037.

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