Heart attack: Another story about our old friend the Chairman of Country Cottage

Chairman as a King at Chinese Garden (2).jpg

On the brink of life and death, The Chairman visits the Emergency Department. But where is the Lady of the House?

By Ken Hua (Retired Flourish Australia Employee) 

Part I

It was very early morning of Wednesday, 4th April 2018, when our old friend The Chairman of Country Cottage was feeling kind of short of breath. He was walking unsteadily and had chest pain. He had been feeling kind of restless and found it hard to fall asleep since 10.00pm the night before. Our Chairman was trying to put the pain out of his mind on this quiet cold night and he kept telling himself: ‘Perhaps it is my depression causing the problem. He was used to depression and could have handled it accordingly. 

Our Chairman and the Lady of the House looked at the clock and as time dragged on the pain became worse and worse. A little before 4.00am, our Chairman turned to the Lady of the House and said: 

‘Madam, I think you should call 000 for an ambulance because I think I am having a heart attack.’

‘Mr. Chairman,’ she replied, ‘please just take it easy. I think it is depression that is causing the problem. You have been through this many times before. Just relax and the pain will go away.’ 

But the pain was so unbearable our Chairman could not stand any more. So they finally called 000 at 4.00am, Wednesday, 4th April 2018 to dispatch an ambulance to his house to rush him to Liverpool Hospital.

People with mental health issues live an average of 20 to 25 years less. We can help ourselves live longer and better by becoming aware of heart health!

‘Mr. Chairman,’ said the paramedic officer, ‘I’m just wondering what time you started having the pain?’

‘Since 10.00 o’clock last night,’ replied the Chairman.

‘Oh dear!’ exclaimed the Paramedic officer. ‘Your pain started at 10.00 o’clock last night and you waited until 4.00am the next morning? You should have called us at 10.00 o’clock last night, Mr Chairman.’

‘Officers, I hope everything will be okay with me and that my number is not up yet.’

Since our Chairman’s case was extremely urgent, he was rushed to Emergency Department immediately at 4.20am. At first he was placed in one of the wards for observation still hoping that his condition was not too bad. The real life threatening trauma struck our old fragile Chairman at 6.00am when he was moaning with unbearable shortness of breath and chest pain. Seeing that the two nurses on duty immediately rushed our Chairman off for emergency surgery. 

‘Mr. Chairman, just relax! You are experiencing a heart attack… or maybe two heart attacks. Don’t worry! Everything is going to be okay. We will try our very best to help you, Mr. Chairman.’

There were two doctors (our Chairman presumed that they were cardiologists) and two nurses in the Emergency Room. Although he was in great pain, he was still mentally alert. However he was quite anxious and worried!

Then he asked the doctors where was the Lady of the House? At this crucial moment, he needed her to be by his side to give him support and encouragement.

‘Doctors, you must find out where the Lady of the House has gone I am on the brink of life and death and if she comes late then I won’t see her for the last time in my life.’

‘Mr. Chairman, everything is going to be okay, we do this kind of surgery everyday. Maybe your madam got lost because Liverpool Hospital is a huge hospital. Anybody can get lost here…’ 

Enter the Chief Cardiologist

Our Chairman’s case was quite urgent and about ten minutes later a gentleman, Chief Cardiologist appeared in front of our Chairman and he greeted our Chairman respectably: 

Mr. Chairman, I am Professor Dominic Leung. I have heard a lot about you, Sir. You are the author of ‘The Two Boys and I.’ (books I & II) and I also visit your website: www.bloghuasungcang.wordpress.com (Ken’s Blog) to view some of your short humorous stories and real life stories. From the books, I learnt that you have been doing some volunteer work for Fairfield Rehabilitation Centre and Fairfield Mental Health Service for a number of years supporting people with mental health issues. In addition you also do some volunteer work for the community at Villawood Senior Citizens’ Centre. You are just terrific, Sir! It is my great pleasure to meet you tonight, Mr. Chairman. Could I please shake your hands to show my respect before I do my homework on you?’

“You should have called us at 10 o’clock last night, Mr Chairman.”

‘Professor Leung, it is my great honour to meet you Sir! The pleasure is all mine. You are just being humble, Sir.’ 

“Mr. Chairman, I am going to do my home work on you now. I am going to give you an injection and put you into sleep for one and a half hour. The surgery takes about that time. After the surgery, you will be transferred to the ward for recovery. 

‘Professor Leung, can I ask you a question? Will there be any risk and am I going to be okay, Sir? 

‘Mr. Chairman, everything is going to be fine because we do this sort of job every single day. Okay, I am going to put you to sleep now.’

We hope you will read the next part of this exciting story to see how the Chairman pulls through and whether they find the Lady of the House in Time!

To be continued…

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