Recovery story: The Wisdom and Virtues Behind Model Boat Building

Sam with boat.jpgABOVE: Pride in his work. Cap’n Samuel F with his police launch as support worker Borislav Borissov looks on. PHOTO COURTESY KONNIE MAGALHAES

By Samuel F

Hi my name is Sam. I am a worker in Prestige packing in Flourish Marrickville. I have an enthusiastic desire to manufacture radio-controlled model boats.

I started working in October 2016 on the idea of a craft that I wanted to create. Something that would be operable and consistent with today’s boating. My first model is a scaled down 50 foot ocean-going cabin cruiser (picture 1), with particular characteristics from boats of different cultures and countries.

It all took off for me, once I started putting in on paper, with a dynamic design (picture 4). I used naval architecture as well as history of model-boat-making when I was younger. I started drawing a life size design, that would guide my manufacturing. I drew deck-line (that’s the top view) where you can see the cabin feature, you can see the cockpit (picture 2), which is where the people sit in the back. I drew the side view and underside. In here you can see above and below the water line. I drew the front view; it has proper views of the front and back views of the ship. 

The first boat I ever made was when I was 14. I used to gather model boat magazines from the library and I loved reading the stories.

What is next for me? I am already working on my “Flourish Australia 3” which is a radio control yacht, and I also have plans for a motor boat and a sea rescue boat. I have already started on these designs, which are in the same context of a sting ray, which is a fish, because I was inspired by the remembrance of Steve Irwin, as being a man of great virtue with animals, and I want to dedicate it to his memory.

Six virtues

In my experience of model boat manufacturing I have learned a very important and great virtue and that is the virtue of patience. Patience is one of the six requirements in any activity. 

1. To be generous in helping others how to build is a great goal.

2. To be very acutely aware of the delicacy of the craft is most important in the art of Boat Making. 

3. As explained above, patience is one skill that’s needed to be heeded! 

4. It is necessary to persevere until completion. 

5. To concentrate on the dream and re-make the craft over and over (even while sleeping!) brings the final result.

6. To be mindful of the final result and the satisfaction that completion will bring, is as important as ability and knowledge of technology. 

This Wisdom underlays my life. 

I wish to all of you who aspire to any plan or ideal to follow these six virtues and they will lead you forward. They will allow you to keep and share your skills and arts of hobbies with others. May All Be Good! Samuel 

Below are some close up photos showing the many fine details of Sam’s model boat. You can see that a lot of care and effort has gone into it’s construction! 

boatcloseboatclose2boatclose3boatclose4PHOTOS COURTESY OF KONNIE MAGALHAES.


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