Out and About: Hallowe’en at Flourish Australia

halloween eyeball cake.jpg

Cobwebs, orange ones, all over the furniture. Cupcakes that have eyeballs in them…eyeballs that seem to follow you across the room. Witches hats! No, not the ones that you swerve around, the ones that witches wear. Skeletons shrieking and chains rattling –or is that the sound of bones rattling? Or our knees knocking together? Mummies (partly unravelled). Zombies. Hollowed out pumpkins with triangular eye holes. Broomsticks, held upside down. Ghastly black spiders crawling over cakes with bile green icing. People dressed in black. Mysterious warnings posted on the doors. 

It must be Hallowe’en. 

These grotesque and ghoulish snaps were taken by some brave souls from Flourish Australia Tamworth (above) and Embark Cottage Blacktown (below). It is amazing they were able to hold the camera still for long enough to focus!

But fear not, my pretties, because Hallowe’en means two even more exciting dates approach… every second year it’s American Election Day…and every year it’s…Melbourne cup day!

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