Hunter Disability Expo.jpgBy Mark Cliff (pictured above left) at the recent Hunter Disability Expo) 

Before we start, remember that Flourish Australia can help you with everything you need! These lists are here to give you a ‘heads up.’ You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Call us! 1300 356 874 or email ndis@flourishaustralia.org.au

What are the top five things I need to know about (or find out about) to make a smooth transition to the NDIS?

1. I need to understand what a psychosocial disability is… by checking with the NDIS web site or giving Flourish Australia a call! And the same goes for the other four things:

2. I need to know what the functional impacts on my life are as a result of my mental health issues 

3. I need to be prepared for my planning meeting…

4. I need to understand the role of the Local Area Coordination. We will have more about this role in the next issue of Panorama.

5. I need to know the eligibility criteria. 

What are the Top 5 Myths around the NDIS?

1. “If I have NDIS funding I lose my pension” NO! This is wrong. 

2. “NDIS doesn’t support people with mental health issues.” This is wrong. The NDIS DOES support people with mental health issues. 

3. “If I don’t spend all of my money I lose it.” Actually, you review your plans every year and your funding is based upon your needs at the time. 

4.”NDIS can be spent on anything.” NO: your NDIS funding can only be used for supports which you require as a result of your disability.

5. “If I go on the NDIS I can’t access the supports I currently get.” WRONG. In fact you could possibly get even more support. 


Five Fun facts 

1. Did you know that Flourish Australia supported 29 people to transition over to the NDIS back in 2013. We are now supporting over 800!

2. Our peer work force has grown from about 20 to about 181 since the NDIS began.

3. Under the NDIS we have now registered in the ACT as well as Queensland and NSW and expanded our Hunter Region services to the Port Stephens area. We are also hoping to establish ourselves in other states. 

4. Flourish Australia has and will continue to hold community forums across NSW and Queensland supporting people to better understand how a person with a mental health issue maybe eligible for the NDIS. 

5. All staff across 64 + Sites have received NDIS training and are well positioned to support anyone who wants help with accessing the NDIS

What if I have been deemed ineligible by the NDIA?

If you are considered ineligible, speak with a provider like Flourish Australia who can support you to better understand why you were considered ineligible and can assist you with the next steps. 

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