My Journey: Taylah Griffiths addresses the 10th birthday celebration of the Women &Children’s Program

TaylahLachlan.jpgABOVE: Lachlan, Ethan and Taylah at the Women and Children’s program 10th birthday. Behind them is a mural made of panels expressing the feelings of the people who access this service. PHOTO BY NEIL FENELON

Hello everyone, my name is Taylah and this is my beautiful little family. Ethan my son who is one and a half and my partner Lachlan. Like most of you here today, I’m sure that I can say we all have been through some hard times in life where you feel like you don’t really know what to do and don’t really know where or who to ask for help. 

I was in that situation once and it was very hard for me as my son was just born and I found myself having to leave our family home. Due to my partner struggling with his mental health issues at the time, I was told that it wasn’t safe to live there anymore. 

I didn’t have anywhere to go and I was at that time a single parent raising a beautiful little newborn who I love very much. An opportunity came along from Flourish Australia and I was soon accepted into their program with open arms. 

I was given a safe environment for me and my son and I was very grateful. 

Being in the program not only gave me the space and time to grow healthily with my son but also gave me many opportunities to attend exciting new groups and achieve many great new skills to be better and improved for me and my family. 

Being in the program I learnt a lot about what matters in life. It taught me that having a child tests you in every way. They bring so much love and joy into your life and you need to cherish each and every second you have with them. It taught me from my time there that it’s important to look at the people around you. Whether it be your child, your partner, your mother or your friend. To cherish the moments you have with them in this very second. 

Flourish Australia taught me to pay attention to the little things you love in your live and hold onto each moment. It taught me that every step you take will shape you into who you should be so not to let those moments slip by without a second thought and to really stop and smell the roses. 

Flourish was the first step to our new beginning. Not only did I accomplish new groups like First Aid and other certificates, I had a chance to re-connect myself and Ethan with Lachlan in a safe environment which supported us as a family. That helped us so much. 

Seven months later, Ethan and I are now happily living in our new house in the transition program We have regular visits from Lachlan and my support worker from Flourish Australia. We are growing so healthy and happy, stronger as a family every day.

Thanks to Flourish Australia, we can say that we will be able to live together as a family unit once our program with Flourish has finished which makes us very happy. My family and I will be forever thankful for the time we have spent with Flourish Australia. It was truly a blessing. Happy 10th Anniversary! 

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