Month: December 2018

Do 3 simple things to get a glowing reference from your boss


By Warren Heggarty

Scott Pape, the author of ‘The Barefoot Investor’ says that getting qualifications is not the key to sustainable employment. To be successful, you need to develop a reputation as a hard worker. What boss does not like a hard worker? (Pape, 2018, p. 189)

All workplaces (with the possible exception of Flourish Australia, ahem) contain their share of slackers, shirkers and whiners. Apparently 70% of Australian workers are ‘ambivalent or completely disengaged from their jobs.’ That’s GREAT, because it makes it simple to develop that reputation as a hard worker. 

All workplaces have boring repetitive tasks, hierarchies and rules. A lot of people see such jobs as somehow ‘beneath them’ and tell themselves ‘I’ll work hard when I get a good job.’ To the boss, however, ‘how you do any job is how you do EVERY job.’ 

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Dress for Success


By Annie Sykes

It’s a fact of life that we need to have the right clothes to suit the occasion. For example, job interviews. Some people don’t think it matters, but it usually does matter to the people you’re trying to impress. The problem is, it can be expensive when you are on a pension or even NewStart.

Knowing my financial circumstances that’s why my mental health team introduced me to Dress for Success. I must admit I was surprised when they put it to me, but now that I look back on it, Dress for Success helped me one-on-one through a process that otherwise might have been very overwhelming. 

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Employment: How to get seasonal work in hospitality

Deyonne platter.jpgABOVE: Experience has taught Deonny how to deal with unfamiliar situations like the ones she came across at the Invictus Games. PHOTO NEIL FENELON

By Deonny Zaroual

I’ve worked at the showground before so they know me, but working at the Invictus games turned out to be very special.

I made an enquiry in person at the Royal Agricultural Society showground office where they told me to go online and look at the SEEK job service. They hire a LOT of people there for various seasonal work, both paid and volunteer. Every time there is a big event or function, they advertise. So I put my name down for the Invictus Games in a paid role.

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Employment: Pharmacist


By Warren Heggarty

“I love being a pharmacist because it involves doing things that I am good at and enjoy. These include explaining how people are to use medicines, organising medication packs and scripts and accurately entering information into dispensing programs. Don’t do pharmacy for the money or because other people want you to do it. Pursue what you love and are good at instead.”

Cheryl Tang , Pharmacist

Pharmacists (also known as chemists) dispense medicines and advise people on their correct use. Originally, pharmacists would even manufacture some medicines in their shops, but nowadays practically everything is pre-packaged. The two main types of medicines are those requiring a doctors’ prescription and “over the counter” medicines which do not. Pharmacists can advise patients about both types. 

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If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life

Bookshelf Eastwood Library DSC05967

By Grant J Everett

It may have taken a million words, but an small publisher in Katoomba has agreed to publish my science-fiction comedy novel Scum of the Universe. Black Cockie Press have provided editing and cover design services at no charge, and will take care of all those things I’m not very good at: marketing, promotions, lining up interviews and reviews…pretty much everything besides writing the book. Like any reputable publisher, they will only make money if I make money.

But this milestone didn’t happen straight away: it took nine novels spread over thirteen years of hard work.

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Families and Carers Room

The Family and Carer’s Room was officially opened as part of Mental Health Month celebrations. It is located at the Sub Acute Unit which Flourish Australia runs in partnership with the local health district at Bathurst, known by the extremely popular name ‘Panorama.’

Panorama Flourish Australia.jpgFrom left to right: Karen Nicholson (Mental Health Worker), Jenny Craig (Senior Cluster Manager) Sheree Masling (See P 50) Andrew O’Brien (General Manager, Operations), Amy Vandervegt (See p 51), Louise Doyle (Peer Worker) and Tom Murphy (Mental Health Worker). Staff not pictured are Jessie, Emily, Lachlan, Amy, Rachel, Colleen, Georgia. 

That massive cake, by the way, was only $66 from Woolworths.

More New Specialised Disability Employment Services from Flourish Australia

Flourish Australia is now providing mental health specialised Disability Employment Services (DES) across Sydney and the Hunter region of NSW. Flourish Australia’s DES provision has expanded dramatically to include nine more DES sites. 

The DES program supports people with a lived experience of mental health issues to find and retain a job on the open employment market. As with all Flourish Australia’s services, our DES is specialised in mental health so our employment consultants understand the unique challenges of accessing employment for people with a lived experience.

To find out more simply call:

(02) 9393 9000 

Or you can email us on