Healthy Fruit and Veg Box at Embark Cottage


Fruit shop display 3.jpgBy Narelle Passlow

At Flourish Australia’s Embark Cottage in Blacktown, we have a connection with a farm called Scibberas produce. This is  at Freeman’s reach in the Hawkesbury River valley just outside the Sydney metropolitan area. 

People who access our service reckon it’s a good deal. 

For $10 they get a box which is half fruit and half vegetables. It’s picked that morning, so it’s fresh and they don’t overdo it with chemicals like some places! It just happens that I live out that way, so members make their orders through me. We use those veggies in cooking at Embark cottage which we do every weekday except Monday. 

There is one member in particular who is heavily involved in the preparation, that’s Adah Sedakah. Where there are leftovers, we fill containers and charge $1 for people to take them home with them. Like a lot of members at Harris Park, some of our members have provision for meal preparation in their NDIS packages so that makes it an even better deal. 

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