Direct or indirect advocacy, clarity is important

By Annie Sykes

At present, business services employees and other people who access our services are ‘knocking at the door’ so to speak, but I have also found peer workers need support too. 

If you are a person who accesses Flourish Australia’s services, then I can provide direct advocacy. If you are not a service user, then I can still support you in other ‘indirect’ ways. 

We are a fairly large and growing organisation. We need to be sure that people are always confident that there is a just, fair and supportive process available for their issue to be aired. I believe my experience helps me sense when a little confusion about processes might be present.

Because of people’s different circumstances, we need to tailor our response to the individual circumstances, but I will always arrange a suitable time for both of us to meet. Usually an hour. 

This meeting is to help us connect, to engender a feeling of trust and to hear what has caused the person to come forward. I will then be able to advise them about appropriate channel for them to take it further, if need be.

Overall, it is important for our organisation, all our managers and workers on all our sites to be aware of the best way to handle issues, to foster a safe, co-operative and transparent process. 

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