Development of New Physical Health Website

Some health issues are not easy to talk about. For example, constipation. Sometimes a person might not even KNOW they have a physical health issue. For example high blood pressure. These topics are covered in June 2018 Panorama, but obviously there is a need for the people who access our services to get this sort of information every day. This is why the team at Flourish Australia developed a new Physical Health website.

The new ‘microsite’ is based upon a ‘card system’ (there are more than 30 cards and they exist in hard copy packs as well as online). Online, people who access Flourish Australia’s services will have the opportunity to access whichever of the cards they are interested in and use them as portals to access Physical Health information. For example, if you click on the card for Obesity it opens up links to various sites where you can get reliable information about it and how you can deal with it.

The team of Jade (Program Manager of Back On Track Health), Mark Orr (CEO of Flourish Australia) and Kian Kok Lau (Senior IT Support & Development Officer) worked on its development for some time. They piloted designs for the cards, consulting widely with people who would be using the site. Jade said that people who access our services reported that they wanted a strong visual emphasis and that they wanted the site to be organised by health topics.

‘The new web site means that they don’t have to raise topics directly with a support worker. It allows you to identify your Physical Health risks early for yourself,’ Jade said. Of course, support workers are always available to assist, ‘It allows people to make a choice to investigate things using the cards or the web site, then get the information and decide what steps to take in their own time.’   

Want to see the new microsite? Just go to…

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