Mental Wellness: Wow! Introducing the Wheel of Wellbeing

by Warren Heggarty

The South East London and Maudsley (SeLAM) health district in the UK has developed an online tool by which you can monitor and improve all aspects of your wellbeing, physical, mental, social and otherwise. 

It includes a place where people can exchange tips about what works for them. Users can also review the tips to show how they work in practice. 

The Wheel of Wellbeing consists of 6 ‘spokes’ containing Tips, Activities and Places which can lead to increased happiness. These six are: bodily actions, mind actions, spirit actions, people actions, place actions and planet actions.

You can ‘like’ the tips people suggest and save them to your Wheel, taking them on as challenges. The wheel then tallies up how many you have competed on your Wow Tracker. When lost for ideas, you can always turn to the Wheel of Wellbeing for inspiration. 

You can also suggest your OWN tips that other people can use. Most of the users, of course, come from London, but Panorama has seen plenty of Australians using the Wheel. 

The creators say that ‘a compelling body of international evidence links our happiness with longer and more fulfilling lives, better mental and physical health, stronger relationships and a range of other psychological, social and economic benefits. The team behind the Wheel of Well-being have developed an approach that moves away from mental ill health, towards a focus on positive mental health and wellbeing as something that will benefit all; staff, communities and organisations.’


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