Your pet’s wellbeing

RegJust because you might be unwell doesn’t mean your furry friends have to be neglected

By Annie Sykes

For Pet owners who cannot afford vet costs, on low incomes are not physically or mentally able do not have transport and care dearly about their pets there is PetCure. Dr Donna Schofield. Mobile/House call Vet. 0414 372 281. 

They will come to your home to treat your pet/s there, or if Hospital is required, they will take your pet and then bring them home. Cost for treatment is minimal. The focus is your pets’ wellbeing NOT whether you can afford.

They support all diversities within the communities. Even in a crisis, you can ring and arrangements will be made to attend. If Hospital admission is required pets are admitted over at Fairfield vet clinic where Dr Donna is located. If she doesn’t attend herself her mobile team will.

You get the absolute highest professional care and regard and respect for you and your pet at a minimum cost. My furries (there are nine of them) are my whole family and their well-being and health matters as much to me as my own. 

I have been able to manage this through Dr Donna and her team’s caring sensible and practical guidance when attending to your pet’s care… even though I nearly fainted one time when I assisted Dr Donna to take bloods from one of my furries, casual as you like, on my couch!

Spiky.jpg           Spiky, the venerable old toy poodle Clare adopted from Woof Dog Rescue

What is

Unlike a lot of council pounds, many pet organisations follow a ‘no kill’ policy. Pet Rescue is an umbrella web site for such organisations. The fact that these organisations go out of their way to ‘rehome’ pets whose owners can no longer care for them, or to rescue pets from abusive situations is very attractive to a lot of committed pet lovers. 

For example, Carmen took the trip out to Blacktown from her home in the Eastern Suburbs to adopt Reg around Christmas last year. She was able to prepare for her adoption visit by looking up the Pet Rescue website which contains pictures and detailed descriptions of the various pooches, pussycats and other furries looking for new homes. 

‘Rehoming’ usually means that the pet has been looked after but that the previous human carer has become unable to continue in that role due to old age or illness. ‘Rescue’ often implies that the animal has had a rough time, either from an abusive owner, or having been rescued from ‘death row’ at a council pound. 

These pre-owned pets often have their share of issues, such as old age, illnesses or mental health issues. The Pet Rescue web site is up front about that. One of the consequences is that pet insurance may not be available because it generally cuts out after age 8. This means you may be up for the full cost of vet services. 

Clare found her little poodle Spiky at Woof Dog rescue, Blacktown (see picture at left). ‘Blacktown has a massive pet culture’ she told Panorama, ‘so it’s a great place for pets. And you don’t have to go to breeders to get a pure bred’ the avid poodle lover added. 

‘Spiky had a traumatic background with a breeder and really needed the company of my other poodle Pippin, who was rehomed. He used to bite me all the time, but finally he began to allow me to pat him. I must admit that if I had known in advance just how challenging it would be taking in an abused pet, I might have thought twice about it!’

‘Some dogs are better off as an “only dog,” others need people company, others need dog company. Some dogs need a big back yard. A kelpie needs lots of space to run round in, but some other dogs don’t. It helps to check this out when you are adopting.’

The key is commitment. There is no point adopting a pet unless you are really willing to devote the necessary amount of time and resources. 

Pet Rescue’s site is great because it gives you the animal’s background and describes its special needs.  


Shredded pork edited

Reg’s Mum took him home from Pet Rescue in Blacktown a few months ago, and as he is so cute she bought him a little playmate. 

Yet the call of the wild is strong and before the day was out, Reg’s little pet pig had become shredded pork. But why the guilty expression, Reg?


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