Treasure Hunt 2017

Treasure Hunt 1.jpg

By Charles Tabone

The Western Sydney Mental Health Month treasure hunt adventure was combined with a BBQ and a touch of sports for 2017! 

All services in the region were invited to promote this years theme of “Sharing The Journey”. The weather held out and people went hunting for items of treasure which were turned into points. 

Two lucky people won a $50 Woolworths shopping voucher each for accumulating the most points. A handful of consolation show bags were made up, too. 

Treasure Hunt 2.jpg

Though not everyone could win a prize, everyone had a good time searching for treasure across Nurragingy Reserve. 

Whilst the prizes were being drawn and announced, a cooking crew had snags going on the barbie. 

After lunch, a game of cricket ensued. The game was casual and fun and the wickets were a huge tree trunk and nicely made tree branches put together in the ground. There was some nice bowling and some big hits that the fielders couldn’t quite catch. 

The crowd under the marquee corralled the hits that couldn’t be fielded and quipped that they hadn’t seen so many white cars in one carpark before. 

By the end of the day there were smiles all around as you can see from our photos of (in alphabetical order) Anne Marie, Bernard, Bulou, Grace, Emma, Eveline, Katherine, Kirsty, Shagufta, Sherri and Suzanne.

Treasure Hunt 3.jpg

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