Sleep is better than sex…apparently…

BedAbove: Investing in a decent bed is well worth it once you realise how important sleep is to wellbeing. 

By Warren Heggarty

A survey done in Britain shows that sleeping well can increase your wellbeing far more than money or sex. One wonders whether they would make the same finding in OTHER countries, but the point is it is worth working on your sleep situation. (Oxford Economics, 2017)

‘Better sleep is the biggest single contributor to better living,’ the report says.

The research, a survey of 8,250 British adults by the National Centre for Social Research, found that people who felt rested had a higher sense of self-worth and were less likely to be anxious. (Hurst, 2017)

The following problems arise from not enough sleep

• Thinking and memory problems

• Difficulty making decisions

• Depression and anxiety

• Weight gain (ccCHIP, 2017)

• Children who don’t get enough sleep can become hyperactive, inattentive and impulsive (Sparacino, 2013)

Here are some more benefits of getting enough sleep: 

• Good for your memory

• Lower levels of inflammatory chemicals in blood. 

• Spurs creativity

• Increases athletic performance

• Helps you get better marks at TAFE/Uni

• People with treated for sleep apnoea and insomnia often have improved blood pressure.

• Helps you avoid accidents. (Sparacino, 2013) You’ve probably seen the ads on TV about the dangers of ‘microsleeps’ at the wheel and driver fatigue. 

Now try these at home!

Here are some better sleep tips from ccCHIP (Collaborative Centre for Cardiometabolic Health in Psychosis)

• Wake up at the same time every day

• Keep the bed for sleeping, not eating or computing or watching TV

• Only go to bed when you are tired

• If you can’t sleep, get up and do something quiet and boring

• Don’t drink caffeine within 6 hours of bedtime

• Don’t nap during the day

• Do something relaxing before bedtime, that doesn’t involve bright lights or computers or TV.

• Keep active during the day, but avoid vigorous exercise just before bed time. (ccCHIP, 2017)

Further Reading

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