Seeing things better

Shay Shana Amy vibrant.jpgAbove: Some of the people who have been involved in the young adults groups, Shay (Senior Peer Worker), Shana (Peer Worker) and Amy (Member of Buck House)

While Amy, Shana, Tabara and Warren were creating their art works, they began chatting about art, the young adult’s groups and even Bob Ross!

Amy is a member of Buck House who facilitates Amy’s Art Attack on Fridays. This is one of the groups aimed towards young adults which are held on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Peer Worker Shana also facilitates young adults groups. For example, there is a hip hop group featuring a professional Hop Hop dancer, Karen which explores new routines every week. Amy has sat in on that group and thought it was really fun, but hasn’t actually started dancing yet.

‘I first started coming to Buck House because of the Hearing Voices Group which I attended a couple of times. But then I heard about the Art Group and as I was an art student myself (at the National Art School) I thought “why not?” Now I am a facilitator of Amy’s Art Attack.’

Amy has just graduated with a three year Bachelor of Fine Art and Sculpture at NAS.

Amy’s tips for hearing voices

‘Sometimes when I hear voices and get very stressed I find that iced water on my face helps. It’s like diving or a cold shower. It seems to slow my heart rate and shock me back into my body! It helps me physically and emotionally.’

Shana also has a tip for stress: Progressive muscle relaxation, or PMR is so good because you feel really relaxed afterwards. 

Another technique is ASMR (Autonomic System Meridian Response). “It causes a tingling sensation, it is a calming thing that works for some people.”

Shana says ‘I heard about this through Bob Ross YouTubes. Bob Ross (pictured below) was a painter who has a series called ‘The Joy of Painting.’ A story about the link between Bob Ross and ASMR is found here In short, many people find that watching him paint landscapes and listening to him talk is a very good way to relax!


The every day art of seeing

‘I draw every day’ says Amy ‘to help me see things better. I admire the sculpture of Rodin. Sculpture is a more physical thing of course. 

‘I do clay self portrait sculptures. There is one on the balcony at Buck House. It is a sculpture of my face as a pot, with plants growing out of the top. It shows how you can grow good thoughts in your head.’

‘It would be awesome to have an exhibition of my works one day. I have a friend who also wants to exhibit. I am applying to Tom Bass Sculpture Studio school for an accessibility scholarship.’

Amys head sculpture vibrant.jpgAbove: One of Amy’s sculptures

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