Holiday in Hanoi, Vietnam: Puppets, Rickshaws & Sun-Smart Women

Edwina in front of Vietnamese building.jpg

With Edwina Keelan

Locals in Hanoi love Aussies and Kiwis. It was the capital of the North side in the Vietnam war which ended in the 1970s.Our involvement was supporting the South side, but the locals show their forgiveness. 

One rickshaw driver showed me the sights and sounds of Hanoi city. The rickshaw driver was so friendly and charged me $10 US dollars for a 1-hour ride.

The biggest drawcard in Hanoi was  Halong Bay on the way to China. It is not for the person who gets teary eyed. Plus, lonely as the isolation in this place was, it is terribly haunting. You can feel it. It is a strange weird feeling being out there on a boat in the water. There are Pirates.

The lake stuck out in my mind .America bombed the lake in Hanoi you wouldn’t think it now.

It is so peaceful and tranquil, there were no people in the grounds that day.

Wow the most stunning piece of architecture was a stone Catholic Church. Here is a picture of me standing outside in my ‘fav’ purple dress from Kerala State but that’s another travel story.

Then there were other places like the gorgeous luxuriant French quarter in all its glory, with tree lined flora and fauna of mature greens, very statuesque and tall ,very impressive I must say.

What a wonderful feeling I had there. I felt fabulous.

The worst sight and smell was the meat market Dog, Monkey, Cat, you name it “Vietnamese people eat everything. ”

One of the big reasons I went to Vietnam was for the food. The Glutton I am. 

Call me ungrateful, but Vietnamese Cuisine in Vietnam did not compare to the local Vietnam cuisine you get here in Oz. 

Hanoi Vietnam was lacking freshness and quality. Overall, this part of the trip to Vietnam was a bit disappointing in some ways.

Then there was the Hanoi Palace, An Army Museum, A Military Museum, A statue of Lenin: all in a day’s work for a rickshaw driver.

Before leaving Australia, I registered with smart traveller and planned all my accommodation weeks in advance. I stayed in Hanoi for nine nights.

I stayed no more than 3 nights in each other place because it is less than $40 US for three nights. 

What made my stay enjoyable was a singing bird in a small cage outside one hotel I stayed at.

But really what I enjoyed was the puppet show in a pool of water with a chorus, lighting, singers, in traditional costume.

The puppet shows featured animals and insects and people lapping out of the water including frogs and fish. Very entertaining and creative and imaginative.

During my stay in Hanoi I learnt it was not uncommon for there to be as many as 20 people living in one household! 

I could not get over just how youthful and agile the women look, and they are so sun smart with hats, pants and long sleeves. My dermatologist would be pleased.

Travelling opens a whole new world journeying places you just don’t realise how far you have come as for me I don’t let my disability find fault with me I give myself space by travelling.

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