Greg Leeson Retires

Greg Leeson retirement 13 April 2018.jpg

By Kathy Te Nuku

In April, Greg Leeson decided to retire as a long term employee of Prestige Packing Company at Harris Park, one of Flourish Australia’s community businesses.

A lot has changed over the 32 years Greg has worked with us. Take the name of the company. It started out as PRA, which later became  RichmondPRA and is now known as Flourish Australia. I’m happy to report that Greg has been known as Greg the whole time!

A BBQ was held at Prestige Packing Company Harris Park on 12th April 2018. There were farewell speeches given by the other employees and Staff. 

The following day, Friday 13th April 2018 was actually Greg’s 66th Birthday.  Greg was given a card signed by everyone at Harris Park. 

Prestige Packing Co, 23-25 Station Street West, HARRIS PARK NSW 2150

1300 779 270 or (02) 9393 9170

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