Amy’s Surrealistic Art Attack: Different members, different media, different methods

Ladybug Amy and Shana vibrant.jpg

Some art you do on your own but other art is better in a group. Today, Amy (above left), Shana (above right), Tabara and Warren found out how.

Firstly we played a game of Surrealist Exquisite Corpse!

Each one folds a sheet of paper into three. Then every person draws the top, middle and bottom of three different animals. There’s no peeking until the end when you unfold your very own menagerie of FABULOUS ANIMALS.

Next, we did Mix and Match Faces

Amy showed us all how to draw an eye using charcoal. Just an eye. Then, putting our different eyes together, we added nose and mouth to form faces. 

It is interesting to see what strange combinations you can come up with! 

And we were learning to draw at the same time. See for yourself in the illustrations. We’ve also included a few pictures done by previous groups. 

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