Sarah: “To help others as I have been helped.”

By Sarah* from Bega

I have been accessing Flourish Australia’s Bega service for about a year.  The team works well together to give people first class service. They assess a person’s needs, strengths and weaknesses. 

I have had the privilege to work with Kaylene David J, David S, Jane, Tala, Ben, Lauren, Ian, Hayley and Rachel. 

I feel a bond with them. I have my bad days and good days and they guide me through all of that. 

I have worked one on one first with Kaylene then with Hayley. I couldn’t gel with them straight away but in time, I formed a good bond. They all love working with me because I love a good chat and I am so easy going. 

Hayley is such a gentle and kind person who knows how to assess the situation then goes on from there. She has helped me leave a domestic violence situation. 

I am now enrolled in a community services course. I thought I was too old. I was used to my routine. Hayley and Rachel suggested that I do the course. It is a one-year Certificate III course individual support at TAFE, so I can work in the disability field myself. The reason for doing community services is to give back to the community, to help others as I have been helped. I give to charities e.g. Salvos, Vinnies and this is an extension of that. 

Hayley and Ben also helped me move from a small two bedroom flat into a beautiful three-bedroom house with a lovely yard. 

I can’t say thank you enough. 

I feel stronger with the team behind me. I can do this community services course. I can do anything. Because they believe in me.

I am now a single mum of two boys (men). Robert* is a twenty two year old university graduate (Bachelor of Business) who is enrolled in a Bachelor of Computer Science starting in 2018. David* is an 18 year old who wants to give me grey hair and ride a bike around Australia and bring awareness to many issues! Issues like domestic violence, the environment and alcoholism. 

I have my issues, but they believe in me as a person and don’t make people feel as though we have a ‘mental illness.’ 

Hayley, Kaylene and the team have helped me to believe in ‘me,’ that I am good enough that I can take on the world. 

*Names have been changed by the Editor to protect privacy

Flourish Australia, 2/98 Carp StreetBEGA NSW 2550

(02) 9393 9115 or 1300 779 270

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