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Katherine Maxwell (pictured above)from Prestige Packing Marrickville talks to Edwina Keelan and Ariel Riveros about recycling…

Hi, I am Katherine Maxwell and I recycle cans and bottles for the NSW Return and Earn scheme.

I source my cans from the road and at work, sometimes people give them to me, and sometimes I get them from the bin.

I drop them off at the official collection point near Decolatta next to the chemist in Marrickville Road, or there’s one in Illawarra Road not far from Digitech not far from the medical centre in Marrickville. I do it all on my own.

The cans are turned into more products containing aluminium, like car body parts and pots and pans, and the plastic ones become new plastic bottles.

I help the environment by keeping our suburb nice and clean instead of the mess I have seen it in lately.

From recycling cans, I have almost made approximately $20 and its for my holiday to Perth.

In Australia, Queensland, South Australia, and the Northern Territories run similar programs.

In my recovery it helps me by getting me out and about and lowering my blood pressure by exercising when I collect the cans.

The community can get involved by bringing their own cans and bottles to the collection depots located in their suburb, or look on the internet and find out where they are.

They do recycling in other countries like in south-east Asia. The United States runs recycling depots, too. New Zealand used to but Recycle Co NZ says that Kiwis rely too much on landfill and need to do a lot more recycling.

Flourish Australia Prestige Packing Co

6a Rich Street MARRICKVILLE NSW 2204

(02) 9393 9180

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