Ariel: The Value of Writing

Ariel Riveros

ARIEL RIVEROS runs the Expressive and Creative Writing Workshop at Buckingham House. Although he had dabbled in writing for many years, Ariel started to take his craft very seriously around 2010. His poetry and short stories have been published both locally and abroad the better part of sixty times, and his lived experience puts him in a good position to show the ropes to classes of would-be authors with similar life factors. 

Over the years, Ariel has had experience with many facets of the literary world. For starters, he was the Founding Editor of the Australian Latino Press, and his vision was to discover a great reservoir of hybrid Australian-Latino writers. Ariel had help with this from author C Derick Varn (who penned a novel called Unlikely Stories of the Third Kind). Ariel has also modelled a peer-run arts health group called “moodcreative” that he hopes to launch one day when the time is right.

‘The discipline of expressive writing as a teachable therapeutic model is established in the UK. It’d be nice to formalise my work into such a qualification over here.’ – Ariel

Genre of choice

So what does Ariel pen, exactly? Is his writing a sprint, or more like a cross-country?

‘I write mainly free verse poetry (which means it doesn’t have to rhyme) so its length is nominal, but I haven’t written any poetry in an epic form. While poetry is my main practice, some of my short stories have been accepted by magazines, too.” 

When it comes to longer works, Ariel has published a chapbook of short stories called “Self Imposed House Arrest” through Blank Rune Press in Melbourne. He’s also written a 40,000 word memoir, but has decided against submitting it for the moment.

Like most writers waiting for their big break, Ariel has other irons in the fire. After all, being a starving artist might appear romantic on the surface, but living on Maggi noodles is no fun at all!

“I have been studying a Masters of Political Economy at Sydney University. Perhaps I’m on the cusp of longer term work in that field.”

The value of hardship

Writing has been great for Ariel’s wellbeing and recovery. While he’s lived through some hard situations, it turns out that the work Ariel does during such tough times usually ends up being the most critically respected. Ariel had some relevant advice for all the writers out there who are struggling: 

“Follow your passion, and take the journey. If things are tough, there is recuperative power in expressive writing. If you can articulate tough times in a concise form that is generous to yourself and to readers, you may find friendship, respect and love. You might look back and amaze yourself. You might even think, ‘I’ll never be able to write like that again!’ But that fear is okay, because you’re writing a new wonder…even if it’s just for your own personal reflection.”

Ariel won the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW 2016 poetry prize. 

While all writers dream of their work elevating them to superstardom, Ariel’s writing provides other, more immediate benefits, too.

“In terms of recovery and wellbeing, I have explicit trust in the creative journey, no matter if the voyage is rocky.”

Finally, we asked the million dollar question: why do you write poetry, Ariel?

“Why do I write? I think Bukowski put it best: ‘Poetry is what you do when you have nothing,’ or something like that. I’ll allow the reader to interpret that as they will…”

ARP – the poetic works of Ariel Riveros Pavez

Want to find out more about Ariel?

Here’s a list of where Ariel has been published:

And Ariel has things for sale here:

Buck House, 43-45 Buckingham Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

(02) 9393 9240

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