Go to the Snow

in front of waterfallFrom left: Rachel Sheather, Elizabeth Sier and Rebecca Smith beside the falls

By Rachel Sheather

One Friday during the snow season, we went to Corin Forest, ACT, to see the snow and go tobogganing. It was the first time I had seen snow and it was great to be there with friends.

We travelled together in a group in transport provided by Flourish Australia. Travel took two and a half hours, and getting in cost $22 entry and $5 for toboggan hire.

There was a shop with a big open fire to sit near. We ate Hot Chips, Dim Sims (really big ones) and coffee. We had big marshmallows to roast on the open fire.

The sun was out in the clear sky, but the air was chilly: only 5 degrees. In my gloves and shoes I had little heat packs that I got from the chemist.

Tobogganing is fun! Going down the big hill, I felt like a little kid. I was free. We all held hands going down and made it to the bottom. Peer Worker Rebecca said she laughed so much her head was hurting.

toboggoning.jpgAbove: Rachel Sheather and Toni Anderson tobogganing

If it sounds a bit dangerous, there is a safety buffer wall at the end of the hill to stop you, but I ran into Toni at the bottom, ha ha ha!

We hired our toboggans at Corin Forest. I had a red one, as red always goes faster! Slushy snow slows you down, so we moved up to where it was firmer and that made us go faster. It felt like 30kms per hour but was probably more like 20.
We had a snowball fight and made a snow man, and put glasses and scarf on him and a piece of wood for his nose.

On the way home we stopped at Gibraltar Falls. It was fantastic. The waterfall went down a mountain, hitting the rocks and cliff face and falling into a spring. It was noisy, but beautiful and tranquil at the same time. We had to walk down a steep hill and step over rocks. At time we did not think we would make it, but it was worth the effort to get there.

snowy selfieAbove, from left: Toni Anderson, Rachel Sheather, and Rebecca Smith

The company was great and we all joined in a sing-along on the way home. We sang 80’s songs like “Fernando” by ABBA and “All Cried Out” by Alison Moyet.

Would I go again? YES, YES, YES! I would love to go again. It was nice to go somewhere where I hadn’t been before. It was great fun! After the snow I went on a recreational camp at Stanwell tops near the beach, so I’ve gone from the cold to the sun!

Thanks also to Krystel Fitzsimmons for helping with this story.

Flourish Australia’s Goulburn branch is located at Shop 1, 42-44 Clinton Street GOULBURN, NSW, 2580. Their phone number is 1300 779 270

Corin Forest Mountain Resort/Gibraltar Falls is located at 1268 Corin Dam Road, Paddys River, ACT 2620


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