ADE Outplacements

Priya and Catherine.jpgEver dream of open employment? Priya and Catherine (above, left and right) did and gained outplacement experience thanks to Australian Disability Enterprise Outplacements.

There is a way you can receive mental health support from Flourish Australia while working for an external employer in preparation for open employment.

During 2017, Flourish Australia piloted a new scheme to assist people making the transition from supported employment to open employment. It is called “Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) Outplacements.” It enables people to experience an open employment environment with an employer other than Flourish Australia, while receiving a wage equivalent to the open job market and also having access to a mental health support worker.

Currently peer support workers visit participants in the workplace, at a scheduled time. On these visits, the participants can raise any issues with their support worker. Naturally, participants make phone contact with Flourish Australia when required. However, if you are close to job-ready, you won’t need a high level of support!

How it works

Flourish Australia has been submitting tenders for employment opportunities organised through the National Disability Service. Flourish Australia began filling positions in this way doing this around May 2017 when we placed a number of people with a government department, including Priya and Catherine).

NOTE: As at the end of 2017 there is a waiting list for outplacement opportunities, however we look forward to be more opportunities becoming available in 2018.

We hope that people participating with ADE Outplacements will use this scheme as a springboard to even better paying jobs.

What about the DSP?

The DSP pays much less than even a beginners level job. If you participate in this program, you will be receiving a wage equivalent to the open job market rate, meaning that your DSP may be affected. However, the idea of moving into open employment is to become free of dependence on the DSP and to earn money closer to what you deserve to be paid for the effort you put in! Remember that if a person with a disability comes off the DSP there is a two year window in which time they may return if necessary. You can check out the details with Centrelink.

Would I benefit from ADE Outplacements?

Outplacement opportunities are located in other organizations, not Flourish Australia itself. For each role we are provided with a position description from the hiring organization. To be considered, applicants need to have the qualifications and experience appropriate to the role. Examples might include being able to use certain computer applications like email and word processing, or being able to deal with telephone enquiries or customer service.

What will I achieve by participating?

• It will look fabulous on your resume!

• If you are successful in getting a placement, you will be paid a full award wage

• You will be able to experience an open work environment, but still have access to a support worker

How do I participate?

• Talk to your local Flourish Australia support facilitator

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