The Art of Recycling

Rachel SAbove: Rachel S

Some people thought it was just junk destined for landfill, but then people from Goulburn and Queanbeyan got together and transformed it into ART!

Wall hangings, fridge magnets, mobiles, necklaces and a whole lot more, all made possible with just two ingredients: junk, and your imagination.

In Winter, a group of people who access Flourish Australia’s Goulburn service travelled down to Queanbeyan to meet up with people from that service to learn and practice the Art of Recycling.

Mark B.jpg

Above: Created by Mark B

“I like making things, it’s fun!” said one member of the group. And not just things, but practical things, like fridge magnets. Remember back in the Nineties when fridge magnets were considered so important that the government used to send them to us? Well, if we’d attended this workshop in Queanbeyan, we could have made our own!
“It’s good to make friends,” said another, and what better way to make friends than by taking some plastic packaging from a fast food place and making something beautiful out of it?

Amy F.jpg

Above: Created by Amy F

“Getting out of the house and taking part with other people brightens me up,” said a third artist, especially when the idea is to make your own necklaces out of material other people wanted to throw away.

We took a picture of Rachel from Goulburn (who looks quite pleased with some of her creations from the day).

And why stop there? “Relaxing”, “Peaceful”, “Interesting”, and “Fun” were some of the other comments.

Liz S

Above: Created by Liz S

It’s all based on tradition, of course, as Marcel Duchamp would tell you. The Art of Recycling has had previous moments of glory in art history. The French word objet trouve (found object) refers to a movement in twentieth century art in which “art [is] created from undisguised … objects or products that are not normally considered materials from which art is made because they already have a non-art function.” But why stop at one function? Why can’t a jar lid become a cameo fridge magnet?
In case you are wondering about the fridge magnets, Jane Miller, Flourish Australia’s Community Arts Consultant explains: “You take the lid off a jar, paint a pretty picture inside it, then use one of those narrow peel-off magnets to magnetise it. And there you have it, a fridge magnet that actually looks good because YOU made it.”

Grace F.jpg

Above: Created by Grace F

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