Another round with an old adversary

by Ken Hua, The Chairman of Country Cottage

Ken Hua looks sporty in china.jpg

The Chairman of Country Cottage felt like a dead chicken and he thought it was the end of the world for him! But Diamond Boy and Platinum Boy reminded him: He had been through it all before and had come out of it a winner each time.

Prologue: Do I LOOK depressed?

MICHELLE, the medical centre receptionist: “Good morning, Mr. Chairman, Welcome to Woodville* Medical Centre!”

MR CHAIRMAN: ‘’Good day, Michelle, how was your Father’s Day with your husband and the children?”

MICHELLE: “We had a great time. The weather was beautiful and gorgeous yesterday. The family went to Iron Chef Seafood Restaurant at Cabramatta for yum cha and then we drove all the way to Manly, enjoying the sunshine. It was really a fun day for the family. How about you, Mr. Chairman?”

CHAIRMAN: “Our family just had a quiet Father Day’s celebration. I am recovering from another bout of unwellness!”

MICHELLE: “May I ask you what kind of unwellness?”

CHAIRMAN: “Can you guess what kind of unwellness, just by looking at me?”

MICHELLE: “You look fine, Mr Chairman!”

CHAIRMAN: “Well, Michelle, for a long time now, going back to Junior High School, I have experienced depression many times. I tell the whole story on my website: (Ken’s Blog). You can read my special article titled My Life in Blue. I will be honoured if you and Panorama readers could visit my website to view this article. But it is not just about depression! There are quite a few short humorous stories written throughout the years as well. In 2014 I successfully launched my first two books The Two Boys and I (book I & II) which sold out in three months. The profit on the books was donated to charity organizations such as Action Aid and Salvation Army.

MICHELLE: “Mr. Chairman, you are great! You were doing this for a good cause. Congratulations & well done!”


The Chairman had had a quite bad cough followed by quite severe sore throat. As Diamond Boy says, this is the sort of thing that makes him worry so much that he plunges into depression. Our Chairman was quite severely unwell, feeling depressed, desperate, disappointed and anxious and his mood sometimes only recorded a score of 2/10! Another example came when the Chairman was conducting English classes for the Woodville* Seniors Centre. Could it be that he was using his mind too much? Not really, because when writing his short stories, the Chairman uses ten times more of his mind than when conducting English classes! It was so disappointing that he felt he had to stop conducting the classes at the time.

As a matter of fact, our Chairman is very active and still likes to go to work part time as a volunteer work although he is now 74 years old. He likes working because working boosts his mood and mind! The Chairman would love be able to conduct English classes again. Conducting English is fun.


How did the Chairman deal with this latest period of unwellness? Every day the Diamond Boy rang him twice, once at lunchtime and once in the evening, to give him support and encouragement that was really appreciated. At the end of each call, the Diamond Boy would ask our Chairman to sing his special “I will get better” song.

Also, the Platinum Boy who lives in Switzerland called our Chairman every other day: ‘Mr. Chairman, cheer up! You have gone down this road so many times and each time you are still a winner! Don’t worry, she’ll be right and we can see there is light at the end of the tunnel!’

The Chairman is not a patient person to handle his depression however he was able to handle it with the support of his family, psychiatrist and caseworker. Our Chairman told himself that ‘from now on, if depression strikes, I must be patient, don’t panic, stay calm and relaxed to tackle it.’

Looking forward

Our Chairman is glad to be looking forward to a visit from his family from overseas. Perhaps they might join the cruise to see the natural beauty in Australia.

‘Oh, what a wonderful feeling that we will have a family reunion at Country Cottage!’

So Poor old Ken is still alive and that is amazing that he comes back in one piece as Dr Dani promised. May God bless you all! May God help him train him to be a strong-minded person like his three beautiful children and two gorgeous grandchildren!


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