Month: September 2017

The Expressive and Creative Writing Workshop: An outlet for recovery

By Grant J Everett

Each Monday, Buckingham House at Surry Hills offers a group called the Expressive and Creative Writing Workshop. Run by award-winning poet ARIEL RIVEROS since March 2017, the Workshop is a gathering where writers of all genres and experience levels can express their creativity with a friendly, supportive group of like-minded wordsmiths. A recent survey showed that everybody who attends the Workshop found it to be a positive space that nurtured their craft and provided them with essential technical help.

On the day Panorama attended, there were five participants: George, Nicole, Pia, Larry and Ariel himself, though the group can swell to as many as fifteen people on busy days. The Workshop started with Ariel asking the group if they’d like to share anything they’ve been working on, followed by an opportunity to show off any literature that has had an impact on them recently.

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Neville Linsley: 30 years of contribution…and one amazing historical coincidence!

Neville L.jpg

By Grant J Everett with Alana Mondy

Neville recently uncovered an amazing coincidence about Flourish Australia’s service at ‘The Centre,’ 627 Hunter Street, Newcastle.

“Where The Centre is located right now used to be a market, and my ancestors owned it back in the 1930s.”

He made that discovery one weekend recently when he attended a family reunion on the Central Coast. At the event there was some family historical documents on display. Neville noticed a document (reproduced on the next page) which had a very familiar address on it. 627 Hunter St Newcastle West, the same address as the Flourish Australia Hunter St Centre.

His family informed him that his relatives owned the same building in the 1930’s and it was a Cash and Carry Self-Serve Grocery. Neville was astounded that the building in which he currently works 3 days a week on reception is the same building that his Great Uncle would have walked the floors of!

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Grant’s easy, fun, quick, yummy ice cream recipe


This is the cheapest and easiest homemade ice cream recipe you’ll ever see!


  1. Banana
  2. Mixed berries*
  3. Milk (cows’, soy, coconut…)

Equipment you’ll need

  • Refrigerator freezer
  • Blender


  1. Peel and freeze bananas
  2. Once frozen, chop a banana into slices
  3. Place into a blender with a handful of frozen mixed berries. Mixed berries are sold by the bag in supermarkets
  4. Pour in about a quarter of a cup of milk (or soy milk or coconut milk)
  5. Blend until smooth

*If berries aren’t your thing, you can add all sorts of tasty ingredients. Such as: Cinnamon, Honey, Cocoa powder, Mint, Dark chocolate chips, Mango, Pineapple

Cultural Cookery! The Health and Harmony Cookbook

buck house.jpg

Cultural Cookery!

By Grant J Everett and Warren Heggarty

You may have heard about Cooking For One, the cookbook produced in the kitchens of Flourish Australia’s Buckingham House.

Well now chef Amanda Perkins and the Cooking Group have taken it to the next level with a cultural cookbook called the Health and Harmony Cookbook.

‘Some of the people in our groups have not had the advantage yet of having travelled overseas, or having gone to Uni to study other cultures.’ says Buck House manager Donna Shrubsole. ‘The cultural cooking group is not just about food, not just about nutrition, it’s about the cultures of the various societies who produced the food as well, for instance, Vietnamese, Syrian and so forth, and it’s done in a social environment.’

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Drugs and mental health issues: a chicken and egg question?

Having a drug habit can cause a lot of negative or unwanted changes in people’s lives. A few of them are listed below:

  • becoming less motivated
  • becoming irritable
  • becoming anxious
  • becoming aggressive
  • not getting along with people
  • not having enough money
  • getting kicked out of home
  • getting in trouble with the law
  • losing weight
  • gaining weight
  • developing physical health problems
  • having accidents

You may notice that a lot of these things can also be signs of a mental health diagnosis, or even side effects of medication (eg. gaining weight). This leads to an important question: what comes first, the mental health issues or the drug issues?

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Drug Interactions

More reasons why you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist about drugs


In the story about Lisa in this issue of Panorama (#65) we read that her new doctor thought the old doctor had been over prescribing. That’s one good reason to get into the habit of asking your doctor/pharmacist questions. Here’s another: drug interactions.

An interaction is where a combination of medicines/drugs causes an undesirable or even dangerous effect. It is not limited to drugs, because even food and drink can sometimes cause bad interactions.

Some people will not be affected by some interactions (see box), but others can be very dangerous.

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Your doubts about open employment, and how the recovery approach can overcome them

In Flourish Australia, one of the things we do is talk about recovery by using strengths based language. Alas, we can all get into the habit of expressing doubts, especially about moving into open employment. If we confront these doubts, we may find them pointing towards strengths that we can and will develop.

The doubts which supported employees often express about moving into open employment, seem to fall into three categories: 1) The welfare system, 2) their mental health issues and 3) lack of confidence. By far the most common reasons cited are in the third category!

These common doubts might be holding you back from being the best that you can be, not to mention earning a wage that matches your strengths, rather than any perceived limitations.

Panorama Employment will look more closely at these doubts in coming issues. First up, let’s start with a brief summary of some of the doubts we encounter. Then we will look at the strengths that we can develop to overcome them.

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