What if they think I’m really not good enough?

How to deal with rejection

We can’t control other people’s opinions of us. We CAN control our opinion of ourselves. And if we are doing the best we can do, we can also control how we present our­selves to other people.

A story by Tarla Lambert in Women’s Agenda about netballer Abbey Mc­Culloch demonstrates this attitude.

As a teenager, after being rejected for teams many times, Abbey re­sorted to tears and tantrums and nearly gave up. But then: “I thought ‘oh well, if they’re not going to pick me, I’ll make them pick me.’

“The only way I knew I was going to get noticed was to work a little bit harder than the people around me. I missed out on a lot of teams and it was really disheartening, but I just kept at it, working away and even­tually I got the phone call to come play for the QLD Firebirds. It was the opening that I really needed.”

Life being unfair as it is, I suppose it is natural to ask yourself ‘why SHOULD I work harder than eve­rybody else?’ Yes, perhaps those others who got picked ahead of you have had unnatural advantages. That is all the more reason to work harder than they had to. You’re the real deal so you are out to EARN your place on the team.

“A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step on the path to suc­cess.” -Bo Bennett

Warren Heggarty

Lambert, Tarla “I’ll make them pick me”


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