Background in Civil Engineering


Ashokkumar Sundaralingam, or Ashok to his friends, already had qualifications in Engineering when he came to Australia from Sri Lanka.

Graduating from this Certificate III is part of a process of recovering from past set-backs.

Ashok studied civil engineering at Peradeniya University near Kandy in Sri Lanka. ‘I am good at mathematics, I studied advanced level’ says Ashok.

‘My favourite subject at university was multiple span joists, which involves calculating weight, volume, density – how much load a structure can bear. I also studied physics, chemistry and English language.

After that, I worked as a supervisor on motor highway construction.’

Ashok came to Australia in 2004. Owing to mental health issues, he began working in Prestige Packing’s Redfern factory, which later moved to its present location in Marrickville.

‘I prefer practice to theory,’ says Ashok. ‘I was already working in the factory, so I thought I would gain the qualification as well. I enjoyed it!’

Thanks to Wayne Petersen and Alma

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