Another Door Opens

By Grant J Everett

The tenth biennial Another Door Opens art exhibition was held at Flourish Aus­tralia’s Buckingham House on 30th June.

It was an absolutely fantastic turnout –there was a real crush of people in the Recovery Art Space. Not only were there staff and people who access our services, but as always members of the community joined in.

Dandylion by Amy Agus.jpg

Above: Detail of ‘Dandylion’ (watercolour pen/collage) by Amy Agus. Amy said, ‘Art helps me ground myself whilst also being a great way to lose myself in shapes and colours. I’m finally able to take a moment for myself to breathe.’

It gives a chance for people living with mental health issues to meet, talk, exhibit their work, and even make a bit of money. 63 of the 91 exhibits were up for sale with prices ranging from $10 to $600.

Exhibitors were not just people from Buckingham House, which has been holding regular art groups every Thurs­day. There were artists from our friends at Como Leisure Club, and Concord Hospital among others.

Flourish by George Stone

Above: A painting by George Stone based on the word “Flourish”

One of the regular exhibitors, Gerry Con­nolly from Prestige Packing Co Harris Park proved the advantages of being dapper- turned out in a suit rather than his familiar factory gear he really at­tracted a lot of compliments!

Another trend setter was Edwina Keelan from Prestige Packing Co Marrickville. We were pleased to hear that Edwina is soon to finish her millinery course. Mil­linery is the design and creation of hats and Edwina is notable for her very stylish headgear. Edwina exhibited nine works in various media.

Edwina Keenan.jpg

Edwina (above) might qualify as a work of art in her own right. Here she is with some of her sketches, sporting some interesting headgear.

Indeed, it wasn’t just painting, but a whole range of media from Fernando Alvarez’s Environment paintings to Ste­phen Correy’s pen drawings. There were also sculptures, ceramics and textiles. George Stone combined the elements of text and paint to produce ‘Flourish’ shown at right.

This was also the occasion for a public unveiling of the Cultural Cookbook. More about that on page 12 of this issue of Panorama.


Winner: Justin Adams, ‘Port 111’

Highly Commended AND People’s Choice: Stephen Corry, ‘Viewing South at Bondi Beach’

Commended: Tasman Duffy

Encouragement: Heidi Graf

71 and 69 paintings

Above: The top painting is called “Collective Vision” from Concord Hospital. The visual piece below it is called “Unexpected”, and it was created by Ashley Reynolds. Ashley explained, ‘I started using scarves as a tool to manage my mental illness three and a half years ago, and it has really helped me flourish.’

Josip Bazdaric Aftermath of destruction.jpg

Above: This painting is by Josip Bazdaric, and is titled “Aftermath of destruction.” Josip informed us: Art allows me to express my thoughts, feelings, emotions, mental state, beliefs and opinions in ways that spoken or written words cannot, and can never.”

67 and 65.jpg

Above: Sanja Bilic created these paintings. “Blossoming B” is on the left and “Circles of Life B” is to the right. Sanja said, “Art brings everything good in me. It gives me a light when I am in the dark. My work represents endless…blossoming… life in full bloom.”

Heidi Graf

Above: Heidi Graf received the encouragement award this year for this artwork.

Chef Amanda Perkins.jpg

Above: The culinary arts did not go unrepresented! Chef Amanda Perkins looks pretty pleased with herself, launching the cultural cookbook. Be sure to read our story about this practical, delicious guide.

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