Tennis Social Day with the Buck House Bouncers

Chris is ready for anything

Chris L (above) is ready for anything

The tennis day was held on Friday 26 May 2017 at City Community Tennis in Prince Alfred Park, Chalmers Street Surry Hills (as always). But it wasn’t just tennis. There was Yoga and Table Tennis as well. Plus a personal trainer came armed with a selection of hula hoops and other exciting gizmos. What was not to enjoy?

Robert demonstrates his service.jpg

Robert P (above) demonstrates his service

After some free play to warm up, there were some group lessons, a sort of ‘tennis clinic’ if you like, where people were able to try out ways of improving their games. Looking at Robert P we are fairly sure he has played tennis before.

The table tennis table was also extremely popular as demonstrated by Chris L and Monica S.


Monica shows how it’s done…

Also popular the milk crate full of bananas and mandarines which Shaz took around during the day to keep people fuelled.

A passing group of school students were attracted by Buck House Manager Donna Shrubsole’s hula-ing and quickly joined in.

‘You’re hardly moving!’ Donna remarked to one young fellow who managed to thread half a dozen hoops around him and keep them in motion while appearing to make no effort. People had hours of fun trying to emulate him, but we have a funny feeling he must have been in a circus!

As well as the free play and the tennis clinic, there was a competition. But don’t think that this sort of thing is for experts only. Anyone can pick up a racquet and have a go. That means you!

Flourish Australia Buckingham House,

43-45 Buckingham Street

Surry Hills, NSW 2010

1300 779 270

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