Things that look good on your resume: VOLUNTEERING


You can be a super hero, or you can be a volunteer. Either way, it looks good on your resume. As demonstrated (ABOVE) at the 2016 Wellness Walk

Employers look for certain qualities such as keenness, self motivation, time management skills, resilience, persistence and emotional intelligence. You can develop these qualities outside of the workplace, so even if you have been out of the paid workforce for a long time, you still have something valuable to offer potential employers.

One way of honing these sort of skills (among others) is through volunteering. Simply by putting your hand up to volunteer, you are displaying keenness and self motivation! Once in a volunteer role, you will have the opportunity to develop the skills of the workplace. Volunteering roles can also compliment your studies. In fact, some volunteer organisations run courses themselves.

According to a report in the Sydney Daily Telegraph, fields for which volunteers are sought after include Community Services, working with seniors, migrants and ex servicemen and women, coaching sporting teams, teaching English to refugees, disability care, working with animals, and working in cultural venues.

On the web, you can look up Volunteering Australia or its subsidiaries The Centre for Volunteering (in NSW) or Volunteering Queensland

You can actually join and become a member of these and other volunteer organisations. To encourage volunteers, Volunteering Australia runs National Volunteer Week (8-14 May in 2017) and holds awards to honour outstanding volunteers. That would definitely look good on your resume!


Melanie Burgess ‘Gifts of Giving’ Daily Telegraph, Saturday 6 May 2017

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