There’s an app for the maths gap, too!


If sitting in a class isn’t your thing, you could always try an app!

The better your grasp of numbers, the better your prospects of employment. If you think that your career prospects could brighten with a bit of mathematical knowledge, but don’t like the idea of enrolling in a class, you could always try an app. There are a number of computer software applications that can help you learn maths (and many other subjects as well).

Good apps (like good teachers) will help you relate your new knowledge to everyday life. An article by Helen Wellings lists ten available maths apps. This might be a good place to start looking for something that might suit you:

Recognising the gap in maths knowledge out there, at least one big business is doing something to promote it.

In April 2017, to celebrate Westpac Bank’s 200th Anniversary, CEO Brian Hartzer announced that the bank would cover the cost to eligible school students of download and subscription fees for an app called Mathspace.

Designed in Sydney, this app is also used in Hong Kong, Britain and the United States. The cost of download was $99 with $10 per month subscription.

Mr Harzer, who claims to be no ‘maths genius’ himself, told the Saturday Telegraph that he tried out some year 12 units on the app and was pleased to find that it doesn’t just fire questions at you, but takes you through everything step by step.


Jennifer Sexton, “Maths plan adds up for bank giant,” Saturday Telegraph 8 April 2017

Helen Wellings, “Making Maths count: top ten apps for learning,” Seven News (Online), 3 February 2015

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