The Future of Panorama: Readers’ Survey for 2016-2017

survey photo

Thank you to the hundreds of people who have responded to our reader’s surveys. We appreciate the strong support for publishing people’s recovery stories and we will be working to ensure our content reflects what you want to read. We also asked you questions about Panorama Online, Advertising and Recovery Radio.

Clearly we need to improve the way Panorama is distributed, because many people don’t get to see it! 52 per cent of respondents who attended Recovery Forums said that they had never read Panorama. Rural areas are our biggest concern.

A great many people who access rural services also spoke of the need for local issues to be covered (especially in any future Radio ventures).

There was less enthusiasm for paid Advertising (see Editor’s article, Panorama 63), but of those who voiced opinions it seems to be acceptable as a kind of “necessary evil.” Most people think that certain things should NOT be advertised. In order of unpopularity these are tobacco, alcohol, junk food, pharmaceuticals and Gambling.

A number of people voiced opposition to advertising with sexual content. Groceries, household items and Educational services seem to be the most acceptable things for advertising.

Respondents came up with hundreds of useful ideas, and we hope that you will see us trying your ideas out one by one. We will publish some of the statistics from the ‘Seven Questions About Panorama’ survey in this issue and some in September. Thank you to everybody who participated.

‘Seven Questions About Panorama’ 2016-17 survey: What YOU said about Panorama’s content

The graph below shows in ascending order the preference readers gave for various topics. The easy winner is people’s recovery stories which were favoured by 88% of readers. More stats will be published in September issue.

reader survey chart.jpg

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